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Day 18 – Books | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello friends!

Happy Humpday! Time to cull your books. For some of you this might be a super quick assignment, but for other – book loving – people (me!) this can present another clutter problem. 

Books are great, and I love to be surrounded by my favourite fictional worlds and character – but books are also heavy and take up space. If you are like me and read about two to four books every month, you would be drowning in books after the first couple of years if you were to keep them all. Instead of adding and adding endlessly to our collection, let's see which are still meaningful to us!

The Goal

no more crammed shelvesan appealing book displayonly pieces that are close to your heartinspiring inputmore space for new booksless weight to carry when moving house
Guiding Questions

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