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Apple Walnut Streusel Loaf (vegan)

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My boyfriend and I went "wild harvesting" again, and this time we found a wild walnut tree that bore fruit, so we went home with a couple of walnuts – that was the first time I ever saw a real life walnut tree! Unfortunately the walnuts aren't ripe yet (I think), but they served as inspiration for this loaf cake creation that I made as a healthy-ish dessert aka not-so-healthy snack.

Actually this heavy, moist loaf deserves the name "cake" rather than "bread", as the buttery streusel topping makes it extra scrumptious. The flavour of tart, tender apples, crunchy walnuts and warming cinnamon makes this loaf cake enjoyable with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Wholesome ingredients like whole grain spelt flour, organic apples and banana also make this into a semi-healthy snack during the day ;)

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