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My New Home! | Moving Into Our Own House

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Where to start?  While I moved away at the beginning of the year to start a new job, my boyfriend was supposed to follow me so we would move into a flat together. However, things turned out differently.
I realized quickly that I didn't enjoy my new job, even though it was a prestigious workplace and I had the loveliest colleagues, and so I ended up quitting after six months. In the meantime my boyfriend – who had stayed home due to the change of plans – found a house. Well, half of a house. The other house belongs to his sister.

And so we moved into our own house (half) two months ago. Yup.

To be honest, it's not (yet) my dream house, but it's huge! And having lived in different shared flats for the past six years, it's soooo nice to finally have our own space to furnish and decorate the way we want. My boyfriend and I are still in the process of arranging everything in a way that suits us and our visions, but that's what I enjoy most about this &quo…

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