Sunday, October 23, 2016

5 DIY Hair Masks for Smooth and Strong Hair

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Whether your hair is dried out from those hot summer months or it is about to get brittle and damaged during the upcoming winter - a hair mask will support and strengthen your hair roots, leaving you with smooth and healthy looking hair. 

I've always been a sucker for store-bought body care products: shampoos, conditioners, hand balms, lip balms, face masks... you name it! Anything to pamper and treat myself. So, why not make them at home?!

Homemade hair masks to nourish your scalp and hair are not only very cheap but also very easy to make - all you need are a few simple kitchen ingredients.

Here are 5 of my favourite DIY recipes for pampering your hair!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Autumn Reads

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Best Books To Read In Autumn, Fall

Longer, windier, colder, and wetter days are ahead. With a chill creeping into the air, leaves turning, and summer fading away. Perfect reading weather.

Friday Favorites - Week 343

Hey guys,

I know, everybody is posting fall and Halloween themed content at the moment (including me), but my pick for this week's Friday Favorites is neither fall nor Halloween related. It's banana jam

Did you know you could make jam with bananas?! Considering that most of my sweet recipes contain banana, I think this is pretty ingenious. 

On other news, I've been making this vegan apple crisp I was talking about last week after getting the idea from one of our Friday Favorites features! I'm honestly so inspired by all of your submissions each week :)

Now, let's get this party started! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

1 Bowl Vegan Pumpkin Bread

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Fall means it's officially pumpkin season, and that makes this girl happy dance. Carved pumpkins; pumpkin spice lattes; pumpkin pies; pumpkin soups; and, of course, pumpkin bread.

I have to admit, this was my first time making pumpkin bread (I'm not American though, so I might be forgiven for this felony), but it turned out really nice

This recipe uses yeast, so you could say it's a German-American hybrid, lol. It's definitely a yummy recipe, and an easy one to make, too — just a bit of mixing and stirring, pop it in the oven, and, in about half an hour, you'll have a house smelling of sweet autumn spices and a scrumptious pumpkin loaf

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Vegan Apple Crisp with homemade vanilla ice cream

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Apple Crisp is one of those recipes that most people probably already have the ingredients on hand. Soft baked apples with the most delicious oat/crumb topping and perhaps a scoop of melting vanilla ice cream! What's not to love?

This apple crisp is
Spicy from the ginger
& perfect for fall.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Get Healthy With Me 07

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Hi there, fit friends! 

Long time, no update. The last episode (in May!!) was dedicated to losing progress, and this episode is all about balance. 

If you were expecting something more exciting like "how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks", I'm sorry, but this series is not called "Get Anorexic With Me", but get healthy with me. And getting fit the healthy way takes time, consistency and balance :) 

fitness, health update, balance, inspiration, motivation, lifestyle

Episode 07: Balance, baby!

Friday Favorites - Week 342

Hello everybody,

how have you all been this week? Personally, I'm finishing off the main part of my master thesis today (currently at 113 pages of about 160 pages), so I'm in a pretty good mood :)

As you may or may not know, I love maps. I love the colourful areas?, the seemingly controlled, charted world spread out in front of me, and all the dreams of wanderlust and exploration linked to that. But maps aren't only great for looking at and planning your next holiday (or orienting yourself, let's be honest), they are also great for decorative DIY crafts such as a desk cover, a lampshade, a place mat, a bookcase liner, and many many more.

Scroll down for more crafty and inspiring links!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Vegan Chili Con Carne + Homemade Tortillas

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chili con carne, chili non carne, vegan, tortillas, recipe

This vegan chili "con" carne is a little different than your classic chili recipe, but it's one of the best I've ever eaten in my life! Pair that with warm home made tortillas, and you're in (Mexican) heaven! :)

Because no animals have to ever be harmed in order for you to eat delicious food.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Medieval Festival Impressions [diary]

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Last month a couple of friends of mine and I went to the the largest travelling medieval culture festival in the world. Basically, it's a fantasy festival. An event for the young and the old, and apparently also for dogs (so many dogs!). Fanciful costumes, food, medieval weaponry, jewellery, bonfires and music.

Since I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan (nerd) and love everything and anything about fantasy, I was in my element at this festival. What's so great about it is that everybody is totally into it and serious about it. And everyone was just having fun! 

The costumes range from "Lord of the Rings"-esque high fantasy to Game of Thrones to Vikings to steam punk to pirates to fairies. Of course, not everybody at the festival masquerades, but the majority of the visitors are, and honestly, this was the best festival I've been to so far (and I've been to a lot of festivals over the last 12 months, covering music genres such as reggae, pop, techno, hip hop, goa and electro).

Now, follow me through the digital doors of photography and into the world of Middle Earth and Camelot... 

Friday, October 07, 2016

Fall Phone Wallpapers

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I know, I'm going a little crazy with fall vibes and autumn accessories, but let's face it: dark days lie ahead of us, and we've got to make the best out of it ;)

I've always loved autumn. With my birthday in September, autumn holds a special place in my heart. It is just so beautiful, the golden afternoon light, the foggy mornings, the first frost of the year, the leaves ranging from yellow, to rusty oranges and flaming reds. Besides wrapping up in cosy knitwear and going for wet walks or warming up with a cup of hot chocolate, I love surrounding myself with little bits and pieces of autumn. Such as pine cones, candles, dried flowers... or an autumnal phone background.

So I've put together this collection of 21 of my favourite autumn inspired phone wallpapers (that can be used as lock screen or phone background). Click "read more" to view all of them!