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It's festival season, and while I myself am going to only one music festival this year in August (a goa festival in Portugal) I thought I would share some outfits that I have worn at past festivals or that I would wear in future ones. The looks range from sweet and playful to Aztec to sturdy to gothic inspired.

PS. Yesterday I actually also spent the day at a medieval fantasy festival in Germany – I also went there three years ago and took a bunch of photos, so if you're interested in what the heck a medieval fantasy festival might look like and what I wore, have a look!

(1) Flower Child

dungaree: Denim Co. (thrifted)
crop top: Brandy Melville (thrifted)
flower crown: DIY
sandals: market in Morocco

(2) Rain Dance

shorts: H&M (old)
kimono: Page One (borrowed) 
sports bra: Queentex (old)
wellies: Dunlop (borrowed)

(3) Elephant Song

pants: market in Vietnam
crop top: Brandy Melville (thrifted)
sandals: market in Morocco
hat: H&M (old)

(4) Tribal Vibes

shorts: market in Vietnam
crop top: Gina Tricot (thrifted)
booties: Atmosphere (thrifted)
bandanna: market at a festival


(5) Sugar Skull

skirt: L.O.G.G. (thrifted)
top: ? (thrifted)
boots: TredAir (handed down from my granny)
tights: ? (thrifted)
flower crown: DIY

What do you think of my festival outfits? Which is your favourite? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Sugar skull is my favorite! Or Rain dance? Hm, hard to tell...

    1. I think the sugar skull one is my favourite, too. Although the more likely one for me is definitely Tribal Vibes :)

  2. Nice outfits! Can't make up my mind which looks best.


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