[OUTFIT] City Casual

reading time: 1 min

To be honest this outfit was way too warm for that hot past Tuesday my boyfriend and I shot this (man was it hard to squeeze into those skinny jeans at 30 C / 86 F degrees), but it is one of my favourite styles to wear for a stroll through the city, or as a casual work outfit. 

And to be even more honest I first planned to be super basic and get an iced coffee to-go from Starbucks (decaf and with soy milk, my fave) as a prop, but then I changed my mind because a) it didn't feel right to buy a to-go cup just for the sake of a cool photo, b) I didn't want to waste a disposable cup just to look fancy, and c) the coffee wouldn't have been frozen (and probably spilled) after our drive to the photo location

So, yeah. No iced coffee for me. But instead a vegan ice cream after the shooting for me and my boyfriend who took those outfit photos for me even though his foot was super swollen from a wasp sting! 🙈 Thanks babe!


button up: ? (thrifted)
white top: ? ("inherited" from my granny, lol - but you can get similar ones in any store)
skinny jeans: Vero Moda (thrifted – I added the distressed knee slits)
canvas shoes: Uptown (thrifted)