Goodbye 2017, hello 2018

reading time: 2 min

Happy New Year! 😊🎉🎊 Three years ago I chopped off my hair as a fresh start – this year I'm going to move to another city and start a job. What new beginnings is 2018 holding for you? 

To me, last year held a lot of challenges and obstacles. It was a painful and straining process, and I hit the brick wall multiple times, but I guess we all go through phases like that. I feel like 2018 is going to be "my year" in terms of growth and transformation. It's a great adventure, and I'm looking forward to what lies ahead!

To bid farewell to last year, I like to recall my personal highlights and lowlights. Those included:
- getting my master's degree
- gravely struggling to finish said master's degree
- travelling through Vietnam for almost a month (getting sick and being on my period included, yay)
- wearing my hair unstraightened for almost the entire year (which isn't an easy thing for me to do because I always used to hate my curly, tangled hair)
- feeling more comfortable in my skin
- decluttering and reducing my belongings
- doing my first job interviews and getting rejected
- getting a temporary job at a local book store 
- getting an offer for a traineeship at a renowned publishing house in another city
- struggling to find a flat in the new city
- indulging in loads of unhealthy foods without feeling guilty about it
- being more concious about the things I buy
- trying on glasses because my eyesight has become noticeably worse
- only wearing clothes I feel really comfortable and good in
- feeling confident enough to do more outfit posts on my blog
- focussing more on self love and self care
- attempting to do the Dirty Dancing lift with my boyfriend at a friend's house warming party... and failing 😂
- doing yoga on a pretty regular basis

Here's a little recap of 2017 in pictures: 

I like to celebrate the world's annual birthday with a mindful and grateful mindset. Today, I started off the day by writing a letter to myself looking back on 2017 and visualizing what I'm hoping for in 2018. I also did Adrien's Yoga for New Beginnings, and wrote a "wishlist" for things to do in 2018.

My wishlist for 2018 includes:
- going with the flow
- finding a flat in the new city where I can live with my boyfriend
- getting to know nice people
- moving my body on a regular basis
- finding balance between "healthy" and "carefree" eating
- growing out my hair so that I can donate 30cm of hair to a charity
- not being afraid of uncertainty
- getting rid of physical and emotional weight
- spending more time in nature
- keeping in touch with my friends "back at home"
- not getting discouraged or sad when things don't go as planned or hoped

Wishing you all a change-bringing and adventurous, blissful, mindful, wholehearted, wonderful new year!