Travel Diary | A Weekend In The Woods

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// photos by Stefan

Not too long ago I went on a weekend trip to the Eifel region of western Germany with my boyfriend and a couple of friends where we spent one day in the forest, hiking and exploring the area, and one day walking through a German-Belgian moorland nature reserve and visiting the historic resort town Monschau located in the hills of the North Eifel.

If you enjoy landscape photography similar to my travel diary of Austria, feel free to stay and enjoy a piece of nature :)


- forest and a deserted village -

On that day we walked a 13 kilometre distance, starting in a small town called Einruhr and ending in an even smaller town called Wollseifen that used to be a military training area during World War II and is now deserted.

On our way to Wollseifen we kept following the river Urft that ended in an impressive 58.50 metre high dam. We also stumbled across several peaceful places to pause and soak in the beauty of nature...

After a couple hours of walking, we found a quiet spot right in the forest to enjoy a picnic. Snacking on our bread, fruits and veggies that we had brought along, we were rewarded with the most breath-taking view of the forest – trees for as far as the eye can see.

The building in the right corner of the picture is a former National Socialist estate and one of the largest architectural "relics" of National Socialism – oh man, that was one of the ugliest and most depressing buildings I've ever seen! Nowadays it houses a visitor centre and an exhibition of the castle. 

And what I personally love (such great irony!) is the fact that some of the barracks are used to house migrant refugees! That's so great, and a powerful statement against the NS racism! :)

Wollseifen. The deserted village. Apparently the only buildings left to stand are the black ones...


- marshland and a historic German town -

On Sunday we took a walk through the marshlands of the High Fens – a beautiful landscape that was only compromised by the low temperatures and the harsh wind that had us all freeze and walk briskly, haha!

Look what we found! A cute little lizard :)

The rest of the day was spent in the ancient town Monschau with its narrow streets and  half-timbered houses that have remained nearly unchanged for 300 years, as well as a castle that dates back to the 13th century. Today it's used as a youth hostel and in summer as a venue for concerts and operas.

Doesn't this town feel like a different era? Like the 19th century or something? So beautiful. I wish they still made houses like that – not those ugly concrete blocks of modern architecture.

I hope this little travel diary got you in touch with nature again, and maybe awakened your wanderlust! 

See you soon! (the next travel diary will finally be about Vietnam, I promise!!)