Travel Diary | One Day in London

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Living right "opposite" Great Britain, I have been to England a couple of times now, specifically to London. My favourite memories of London are probably when I spent three months in a city near London to go to school in 2009, and when I went to London with a couple of friends to celebrate my best friend's 21st birthday there in 2015. But really, each time has been different and great!

Since my boyfriend had never really been to London, we decided to go there for a weekend in late spring, early summer this year. This time I was the "tour guide", as I was the one who lead the way and knew the ropes :) Just 3 days to show him one of my favourite cities.

Here are some glimpses of one day in London...

After arriving at the Stansted Airport and taking the train to Liverpool Station early in the day, we decided to take a stroll down to the Thames to see the Tower of London, the infamous Tower Bridge, the less known and less impressive London Bridge as well as Southwark Bridge and Millennium Bridge.

The perfect way to stretch one's legs after a flight and a train ride!

From Millennium bridge, we went up to the beautiful St. Paul's Cathedral to look for squirrels, but without success. The monument "Blitz Heroes with Grimy faces" just opposite the cathedral honours the fireman and firewomen who gave their lives in WW2. Actually my gloriously grumpy face has nothing to do with this monument, but that's the funniest face I've ever seen on myself and it would definitely make Grumpy Cat proud!!

Now when wondering around the "cultural" centre of London, Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Chinatown are probably the most known and most popular places to go to. 

I have to admit though that I don't particularly enjoy either of these (except for Chinatown's glowing lanterns at night) because they are very touristy and not what I am looking for when visiting London for the sixth time. However, when it's your first time in the city, you probably won't want to miss those classics. But I recommend not to limit yourself to London's famous sights, but also just wander around and explore those unknown alleys...

Our next stop was Green Park and Buckingham Palace – because you can't visit London and not say Hi to the Queen, can you? To be honest, Buckingham Palace is always quite crowded when the Changing of the Guard is due, but I guess if you're into fancy dressed men on horses you will also want to stop by here at some point of your trip.

After waving up to the Queen, definitely head over to St. James's Park to see some adorable squirrels!

Look at this naughty one steeling a ginger cookie out of my hand!! But it's so cute, I can't be too mad :) Please don't feed them cookies though! Stick to nuts instead.

My second favourite portrait of myself (other than the grumpy one) is definitely this one of me posing with a random rhododendron bush. Like a pro.

By the way, this gorgeous location is the inner circle of Regent's Park with Queen Mary's Rose Gardens and a beautiful Asian style garden. Recommend if you are looking for a nice place to sit and relax (or if you are really into flower photography, lol).

The one place that I had never managed to go to on previous trips to London was Primrose Hill. A rather local spot right behind Regent's Park where your long walk will be rewarded with a beautiful view of London's skyline.

If your feet aren't dead by now (and if you like artsy crafts, cool t-shirts and heaps of people in one place) make your way over from Primrose Hill to Camden Market. They sell super cool things over there, but unfortunately many people think so.

For a night time stroll, I recommend going down to the Thames again and enjoying London's eastern river sights such as the Big Ben and the London Eye by night.

We also took the underground back to the Tower to enjoy its nocturnal sight as well as the lit Tower Bridge!

So yeah. Starting and ending at the Tower Bridge. I hope you enjoyed this little trip through London with me, and perhaps it was somewhat helpful :)

Have you ever been to London?