I'm Back & Changes To This Blog (uh-oh)

Hello internet friends!

It's been really weird not blogging for the past four weeks. Weird, but good. I needed a break after everything that has been going on with my master thesis and all. Now I'm back!!

But as I announced in my last blog post, there will be changes to my blog. Exciting, right? Don't worry. I know that people on the internet usually don't like it when someone announces a "change" to their social media appearance, but for me it's a chance to grow, to broaden the horizon of my blog, and make this place in the digital world into something I am passionate about, not something I'm doing because I have been pigeon-holed.

I started out as a random "lifestyle" blogger, then changed the focus to (vegan) food and recipes. Slowly, I started to introduce more lifestyle elements such as fashion, beauty, DIYs etc back into my blog. As of right now, my personal interests have changed from "trivial" post such as cake recipes (which are still an art to master, no doubt about it!!) to more "profound" blog content such as self-love, self-care, body positivity, minimalism and happiness. There will still be the occasional soul food recipe or a post on homemade remedies or a travel diary, so don't be sad if that's the reason why you were a visitor on my blog! :)

As you can see, I am currently changing up my layout a bit. Even more clean and minimalist. Not sure how I feel about this particular layout though... Let me know what you think!

Another very significant change will be the frequency of my blog posts. Contrary to before, there will no longer be set post days (such as Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays). I know, shocking. And absolutely against the rules of social media. But: my blog, my rules :) Instead, I will post when ever I feel like it. So sometimes there might be 1 post a week, sometimes 1 every other week or 1 every other day. We'll see.

Anyway. I hope you'll stick around and join me on my new adventure! If not, thank you for having been a part of my little blog family :) If yes, buckle up and let's go!