Get Healthy With Me 10 | Beach Body

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I don't have a picture perfect body, and on most days I don't care about a picture perfect body. My abs aren't visible lines on my belly, my thighs don't have a gap, but stretch marks instead, and my boobs aren't perky peaches. Well, boo hoo. 

There are two very simple steps to get a "bikini body". A) Stop giving a crap about other people's bodies and opinions. And B) treat your body well. Here are my tips.

Episode 10: On Your Way To Your Beach Body

The first rule to obtaining a "bikini body" is: Stop obsessing! Often times we are too impatient, almost anxious about looking good, losing weight, yada yada yada. We exercise, we change our diet, and when we don't see any results after a certain time, we get frustrated with ourselves and say: "Why doesn't anything happen? Why am I not losing any weight?!"

The reason why I called this series "Get Healthy With Me" and not "Get Fit With Me" or "Get Lean With Me" is because I don't want to focus on a certain body shape. Of course, getting lean and fit along the way is a great side effect, but that isn't my main goal here. My main goal is to get healthy, and that includes mental health as well. And stressing about reaching a certain body shape is not beneficial to your mental and emotional state, nor is it going to get you anywhere. The thing is, stress (whether physical or emotional) can actually prevent you from losing weight – or even add pounds. That applies to stress at work, stress at home, stress due to excessive exercise, stress by pressuring your body into transforming into what you want it to look like. My best tip here is to LET IT GO. And if that means you have to sing along to Elsa's song for a million times to get this into your head, then please do so. That's what I do anyway.

What ever you do, do it with love and patience. Stop obsessing, stop worrying, stop stressing about the way you look like. Perhaps this little exercise helps: Take a deep breath and imagine your body to be your best friend. Now, would you go to your best friend and bother him or her about their weight and they looks? Would to tell your best friend: "Why haven't you lost any weight yet?! I can't stand you the way you are now, so can you please change? Immediately?"

Hopefully your answer will be: NO. Of course you wouldn't pressure your best friend into changing to your will at all costs. Instead, you would try to support them, comfort them and do your best to help them fulfil their needs.

So relax. 

Don't check your tummy every time you look into the mirror. Don't hide your body in towels and oversized t-shirts instead of putting on a bikini and enjoying the kiss of the sun. Don't blame yourself for being the way you are, for taking the time you need. Also, personally, I find that when I don't worry about my fitness/eating habits (e.g. when I'm on vacation), that's when I'm the most relaxed and actually lean up the most because my food portions etc aren't controlled by my mind, but rather by my gut.

The other important tip is to love your body and treat it with respect. And by that I mean, don't talk bad about yourself, so watch your thoughts and language. Watch what you put inside your body, so don't treat your body like a litter bin. Especially in summer there are so many fresh fruit and vegetable options to make salads, smoothies and ice cream! You can find tons of great healthy summer recipes on my website or anywhere else on the internet. Take each meal as an opportunity to learn how to listen to your body and to provide it with both energy and pleasure. Healthy food can be delicious, too! :)

Do something that makes you happy and that gets you moving – be that dancing, taking a walk with your dog, going for a swim in the lake or doing yoga in the comfort of your own home like I talked about in the last episode. It's your choice how you want to spend your free time! You'd rather prefer to stay home and watch Netflix? How about doing some light exercises while watching, such as 20 squats, 20 jumping jacks, 20 lunges, 20 chair dips, 20 sit-ups and a 1-minute plank. If you have a treadmill standing around in your house, a TV show or youtube is the best way to get an exercise in while still enjoying yourself. However, also listen to your body when it comes to working out. This shouldn't be a punishment, but a reward! Well, or at least a great possibility to strengthen and take care of your body ;)


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