Lifestyle Favorites ❤ April /17

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Hi guys,

I'm back with another monthly favourites post, and this time we've got clothing, a DIY project, a controversial TV show and my favourite app at the moment. Oh, and a little secret... ;)
Here's what I have been...
WEARING this cozy cardigan

I have been on the lookout for a cozy, comfy cardigan to curl up into a ball on the sofa and read a book or watch Netflix. And now I finally found it! It's a knitted cardigan made from cotton and acrylic by the brand Sparkle & Fade via Urban Outfitters. Even though it is a little big on me, I absolutely love the loose fit as well as the tribal pattern and the earthy tones. Perfect to lounge around after work and on weekends!

Since I bought this at my local Flea Market (for 4 Euro!), I could only get it in a size large (which is pretty oversized on me) and it's also not available on the Urban Outfitters website anymore. (This teddy hoodie looks super cosy and cuddly, too, though...) However, you might be able to find it on eBay or a similar platform :)

USING homemade bentonite clay toothpaste

I have mentioned this toothpaste at least two times on my blog already. It's the homemade bentonite clay toothpaste from the website Heartful Habits that I finally recreated!! I doubled the recipe and have been using for about 2 months now, so I guess it will last me for 4-6 months altogether. 

This toothpaste is basically made from coconut oil, benontite clay and distilled water which forms a nice thick paste, perfect to put onto your toothbrush. It also doesn't turn super runny in your mouth like your usual homemade coconut oil toothpaste does because the clay holds it together. I added tea tree and peppermint essential oil, and I love the taste, the texture and everything about it! :) Similar recipe: DIY turmeric toothpaste.


I hardly use many apps, to be honest, but this is one of my favorites that makes me happy whenever I see it (I'm weird like that). It's the fliqlo app that will make your desktop screen look like a flip clock whenever it goes to screen saver mode. 

I love this one because a) it's a lovely, minimalist design (all of my other screen savers look ugly), and b) it actually has a purpose (besides being a screen saver), and that's telling the time. Which is great because except for my smartphone and my PC, I don't actually own a watch or clock. Plus, the app is absolutely free. Win win! :)

WATCHING 13 Reasons Why

Where to begin? So I'm watching 13 Reasons Why with my flatmates at the moment (we're at episode 10/13), and I'm torn between "A refreshing and unflinching look at taboo subjects that are rarely touched upon in mainstream media"  and "Suicide is a complex subject and these 13 episodes almost promote it as solution, some sort of retribution or statement" as some of the reviews on IMDb put it.

At first I was intrigued by this take on suicide which showed that even "smaller" acts of bullying can lead to a suicidal mind, but in my opinion the show totally screwed this great potential. My main problem are the two main characters, Hannah and Clay. Clay because he seems to turn into a brainless revenger who won't even listen to those he accuses, and Hannah because she is a selfish, non-reflective drama queen with unrealistic expectations and the talent to only hear what she wants to hear (yes, she went through a tough time that is called puberty, and yes, I also know what it feels like to be insecure, to be bullied and even to be harassed). She seems to have this mentality that everyone around her should have the ability to read her mind and it frustrates me to no end. What bothers me even more is the fact that Hannah uses her tapes (a.k.a her suicide) to blame others for her death. As much as I get this message (to make people more aware of their actions, behaviour and environment), I still think it's horribly wrong. You cannot decide to take your life and call others out as the reasons for your suicide. If you are able to make those tapes and talk about those negative experiences, why not show them to your parents, your teachers, the police? (Also – SPOILER – why the f*ck did she not report the rape?! I'm sorry turning this into one of the reasons to end her life is just messed up) Plus, I think the storytelling of the show sort of "encourages" suicide (as the only solution after making similar experiences as Hannah did, which, let's be honest, A LOT of kids at school make) and also turns those who were "responsible" (yes, some of them were true a**holes, but what about the "hot or not" list that didn't even made Hannah look bad?! Or what about Zack who did nothing more than steal a couple of her compliment notes – I mean, come on! Don't be such a drama queen!) into scapegoats. I'm sorry, but that just seems too convenient to me.

The bottom line is that production and acting are spot on, the idea of the show is great, it definitely is thought-provoking and actually made me very upset because I was painfully reminded of my own time at school (but at the same time made me even more upset to see that being portrayed as 13 reasons to commit suicide), but unfortunately it sends out the wrong message. No one is perfect as a teenager and she wasn't either, and I don't want anyone to think I am downgrading suicide as a real issue in anyway shape or form, but this show? Makes it seem okay (even "logical"!) to kill yourself and blame others for it.
What did YOU think of the show? All opinions are welcome :) 

WORKING on a secret project

Now after my little rant, here's something more pleasant. Can you guess what it is? :) Hint: it's not a collaboration or anything blogger-ish of that sort! It does have to do with my blog though...

That's all the new things I've been loving in my day to day life lately. What have been your go-to products or objects this month?

Feel free to share your own favourites / new discoveries in the comments if you like! I'd love for us to interact and inspire each other :)