Lifestyle Favorites ❤ March /17

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Hello beauties,

it feels like spring today. The trees are starting to bloom, the birds are chirping all day long, and I even spotted a few bees and bumblebees buzzing around in search of nectar. To celebrate this lovely Sunday, my boyfriend and I took a stroll across our local flea market and we also paid a visit to our foster child, a two-year old beech tree (Happy birthday, baby tree!)

Apart from this perfectly spent weekend, I have found a few new lifestyle favourites over the past few weeks that I want to share with you in this blog post.
Here's what I have been...

For the past few weeks I have been enjoying a relaxing facial massage every other day or so. I usually wash my face and apply a little bit of organic oil such as sweet almond oil, argan oil or jojoba oil onto my face, massaging it with clean hands for five to ten minutes like so.  

While it does make my face very soft, strenghtens my nails (I rub the oil into my cuticles as well) and is just a great way to relax at night or wake up in the morning, I haven't found a way to prevent my skin from breaking out... I do clean my face with a warm wash cloth afterwards to take off the oil, but that doesn't really seem to help! Do you have any advice for me?!


This beautiful dry massage brush was a Christmas gift from my parents, and I've come to love it lately! I use this before every shower, following these motions. Basically, you want to (firmly but gently) move the brush over your body in slow, circular motions towards your heart. Dry brushing is great for your skin as it increases blood circulation, strengthens our connective tissue, stimulates our lymphatic system and helps it release toxins. It can therefore prevent or even reduce cellulite, and reduce muscle tension. Due to its exfoliating effect, dry brushing also helps with those annoying little ingrown hairs if you use an epilator to get rid of leg hair! 

So now my shower routine looks something like this: brush, shower, moisturize. Easy, right? To moisturize, I will either use one of my body oils (argan, sweet almond or calendula) or my Weleda body lotion. When looking for a good dry brush, make sure to get one with bristles made from natural materials such as bamboo, such as this one.

USING a wooden toothbrush

This was another Christmas gift (from my boyfriend), and I am in love with it. Ever since moving more and more towards a zero waste / minimalist lifestyle, I have been loving anything made out of natural materials such as bamboo, wood or cotton. My toothbrush is from a German brand, but there are many other great biodegradable toothbrushes out there such as these or these.

FILCHING this elephant tee

Yep, this is my mom's shirt, but since I'm house-sitting at my parents' place and I ran out of light clothes for the sudden weather change, I pinched this super cool elephant print tee from her closet. I think it's an original piece from India that she brought from one of her trips. I love this elephant print! Makes me think of my own travels to Asia, such as Nepal as a kid, Thailand last year and Vietnam in two months :) Plus, it totally matches my pants.

VISITING my baby tree

Look at our little tree baby – I can't believe how big it has gotten ever since we planted it!! It has already outgrown me. Which isn't really hard, since I'm only 5 feet and 6 inches tall, but still! Can't wait to see him all grown up one day :) We are planning on planting another little tree on Earth Day this year, April 22. More trees in this pavement-covered world!

That's it. Only a couple of things this month, but I have been using all of them obsessively. What have been your go-to products or objects this month?

Feel free to share your own favourites / new discoveries in the comments if you like! I'd love for us to interact and inspire each other :)