Get Healthy With Me 09 | 31 Days of Yoga

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Hi there, fit friends! 

Long time, no update. The last episode was all about staying fit during winter, and today's episode is dedicated to another fitness project. Because you can't be healthy without being fit – I'm sorry to all my fellow couch potatoes out there, but as important as healthy eating is, abs are not actually made in the kitchen, but in the gym. Or a yoga studio. Or where ever the heck you work out.

So here's what we're gonna do to get those abs! :)

Episode 09: Do 31 Days of Yoga with Me!

Yep, you heard right! I am going to do yoga every single day of the month throughout the month of May – so 31 days straight! 30 minutes of yoga a day, each day a different video. Since I'm not a yoga teacher (yet!), I will use the free Revolution program from Yoga with Adriene – and I invite you all to join me!

We will start on Monday May 1st.

Whether you do your daily yoga session in the morning, in your lunch break or in the evening is up to you. I am going to do those workouts either in the morning or before lunch, depending on my schedule that day.

You will need:

- your body
- a yoga mat, thick towel or even just a carpet
- comfortable workout clothes such as leggings and a loose shirt
- 15-30 minutes of your time each day

That's it! Easy, right? 

Why yoga?

We all want to be fitter and healthier, but going to a crowded gym or going for a run in the park can be quite daunting for some (me included). Yoga is one of my favourite forms of exercise because a) it quietens the mind and relaxes the body whilst tightening, strengthening, stretching and targeting all areas of the body, b) it can be easily build into a mindful morning routine, and c) I can do it in the comfort of my own home. Plus, it's compatible for all ages, locations, abilities, body types, and goals :)

What I Ate:

I know that's super lazy of me, but the best way to show you exactly what I have been eating over the past few weeks/months is by linking up the posts where I talk in depth about my daily diet. Generally speaking, I'm still working to reduce my sugar and flour intake :) Other than that, I eat whatever I feel like eating!

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Body Update:


Now let's roll out our mats, click play, and go!