Easy Spring Gift Basket

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Hello birdies,

inspired by Eileen's list of 200 ideas for candy-free Easter baskets, I'm coming to you with an easy spring gift basket today. All you need is a basket (duh!) and a small budget of about 10 bucks.

First, coat the inside of your basket with a piece of cloth (pastel or floral is always nice) or some spring-themed napkins. Alternatively, use Easter grass as your "filler" paper. That way your basket won't look as bald. By the way, you could also use a (recycled?) box or even a bag instead of a basket. Just make sure your container is big enough for all the things you want to fill it with.

Now you can get creative. Pick your goodies and fill you basket with all the lovely things! You could also pick a theme (other than spring), such as fitness, food, health, gardening or spring cleaning. Personally, I did a mixture of everything.


To me, flowers is a must in spring. You can go for either cut flowers or a potted plant. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, orchids or primroses are my go-toes in spring, however, a lush green plant such as fern or peace lilies or perhaps even a potted basil plant or lavender would also be beautiful. Another lovely idea would be to fill the basket with some flower seeds or plant seeds such as cress, tomatoes, lettuce etc. 

Garden Tools.

Spring is the perfect time to give your friend, mom or grandpa some gardening equipment such as garden gloves, a trowel, pruning shears or a little rake. Again, pairing that with a few bags of flower seeds or plant seeds would be perfect.

Cleaning Agent.

You might find this weird, but I think adding a cleaning agent or some gloves for dish washing or a dishmop to the basket is a fun idea to encourage the receiver to do a little spring cleaning session. Speaking of cleaning, a nice fresh room spray, essential oil (such as lemongrass, cypress, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine or peppermint) or a pillow mist would also be a great addition!

Refreshing Beverage.

I think it's always lovely to find a refreshing drink in your gift basket, such as a colourful smoothie, an organic juice, coconut water, (homemade) lemonade, or just a bottle of white wine if you prefer. Instead of a beverage, you could also opt for a fancy bottle of fig balsamic dressing or (homemade) syrup such as orange or elderflower syrup.

Healthy Snacks.

For snacks we want to keep it healthy because after all, it's spring and we rather want to detoxify and "healthify" our body rather than filling it with junk, right?! How about healthy nut bars, dried fruit or a little bit of dark chocolate? Of course, since it's Easter you could also go for (homemade) Easter treats! Fresh fruit such as pineapple, apples or berries can also look beautiful in a gift basket. This is also a great way to fill empty space in your basket.

Body Care.

Lastly, including something to pamper your body after all this garden work and spring cleaning is a great reminder for the receiver to relax and take care of themselves. For women, you can never go wrong with a lovely smelling lotion, a body scrub or a pastel coloured nail polish. For men, how about some citrusy deodorant, a refreshing aftershave or a vitalizing green tea shampoo or shower gel?

And that's it, you've now put together a lovely spring gift basket that me or anyone else would love to receive! To finish it off, you could add a personalized gift tag or a decorative bow or something.

If you have made a spring gift basket too, please share the link to your creation! I would love to see what you made :)

(Also, let me know what you think of mine.) 

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