5 Productive Things To Do This Weekend

reading time: 3 minutes

Have some green tea or coffee brewing, play your favourite music or podcast or audio book or whatever you prefer, put your hair up in a ponytail and get that little booty off the couch. Because we are going to have a productive weekend this week! Are you with me?

Here's what we are going to do:

1. Deep clean your house. 

What, cleaning on a weekend, are you crazy?! Well, for me at least, once I've brought myself to do it, it's actually quite meditative. And who doesn't love a clean house as a reward? Tidy up your living room, sweep your kitchen, clean the toilet, take out the garbage, change your bedding, do your laundry, and you'll have the best sleep ever in your freshly cleaned home :) Also, clean out your inbox to make room for more emails!

2. Go outside.
Switch off your TV, computer and phone, and get out of the house. Take a long walk (with a friend, your partner or your dog), soak in the sun, enjoy the fresh air in your lungs and take at least each Sunday off to spend without any electronic devices.

3. Repair something. 

Fix at least one thing that you have been procrastinating to fix! Whether it's the sleeve hems of your jumper, the light bulb in your basement, your overgrown flowerbed, a button that came off, a broken toy, a dead plant that needs to be "buried", that picture frame you've always wanted to hang up – just do it.

4. Do something creative.

That can be cooking up a lovely dinner for yourself (or your partner or friends), doodling, singing, taking photos in nature or doing an actual DIY project such as soothing homemade lotion bars or these adorable Toilet Roll Animals. All you need for that is a leftover roll of paper towels or toilet paper, a pen, and a pair of scissors. Why? Because it's fun. And you are also sort of recycling – or up-cycling, right? So why not.

5. Work out.

This may not sound very appealing, but trust me, taking some time to move your body will feel amazing after a busy week. Do yoga (like this Vinyasa sequence) or stretching for a more calming workout, or do a little bit of circuit training like this crazy Leg Workout that is perfect for weekends when you really don't want to set a toe outside. It only takes you 15 Minutes, and it will make you sweat.


Of course, after all this work it's necessary to pamper yourself. Personally I tend to forget about my feet, which leads them to get dry and, well, a bit like turtle feet. So how about giving yourself a nice soothing mani-pedi? Before going to bed, cover your feet with vaseline or any other skin care cream, and put on socks – you will see an immediate effect. And it feels sooo nice. 

What do you do on a productive weekend? Let me know in the comments. 

Whatever you're planning – have a lovely weekend!