Lifestyle Favorites ❤ January /17

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Hello friends, how are you all doing in this still-young year? Personally, I'm developing (or should I say, evolving) into even more of a hippie person: crystals, homemade beauty products, aromatherapy, essential oils...

This time my Lifestyle Favourites are not as miscellaneous as the last ones, but it is rather sort of a "what I got for Christmas" edition. Enjoy!
Here's what I have been...
DIFFUSING essential oils

This first new purchase is actually not a Christmas gift – well, I gifted it to myself so to speak because I dearly wanted to have a diffuser. Since an electrical diffuser was way too expensive for me (100 - 300 bucks), I went for an aroma lamp to fill my room with fragrance and light. Very simple and minimalist, but it does its job, and I love it. You simply fill the bowl at the top of the burner with water and put a few drops of essential oils into the water, then place a lighted tea light underneath the bowl. The water and essential oils evaporate as steam, letting the aroma of the essential oils fill and hydrate the room.

The collection of essential oils were mainly Christmas presents from my family. So far I own: lavender, orange, vanilla, peppermint, vanilla and cinnamon, rose, cedar, myrtle, cinnamon and orange, honey and ginger, orange and vanilla, rose and sandalwood, and grapefruit and lemon. Love love love! Now I'm on the hunt for Frankincense and something like fir :)

USING body oil

My boyfriend got me these organic body oils for Christmas, and I'm super happy about the three of them: calendula infused oil, sweet almond oil and virgin argan oil. After each shower, the skin along my neckline gets a little red and itchy from rubbing it dry with a towel like a rash because the skin is so thin and sensitive in that area. Ever since getting these oils, I've been using them after showering (almond oil), after epilating (calendula oil), for my hair tips (argan oil) and for doing DIYs (almond oil and argan oil). This makes my skin so much softer and blemish-free, it's great! Oh, and I put some drops of lavender essential oil into the almond oil for a lovely scent!

DRINKING all sorts of teas

I've always been a tea person. Herbal tea, black tea, green tea, you name it. One of my favourite teas is Chai tea, closely followed by green tea or matcha tea, lemon tea and ginger tea. Luckily, my family has gifted me with the most wonderful organic teas for Christmas: cacao chai, lemon ginger and manuka honey tea, and also lavender and hops tea. Since I've been having trouble falling asleep at night, I absolutely appreciate soporific teas like lavender and hops. Plus, the packaging of all three is just gorgeous :)

GETTING into crystals

Yeah, well, what can I say. I'm my mother's daughter I suppose. No really, as the years pass by, I find myself resembling her more and more: being a candle and plant fanatic, loving to be as environmentally friendly as possible, interested in the Ayurvedic philosophy, recycling like a crazy person, reading inspirational/spiritual literature, drawing, eating mostly organic, making my own beauty products, going to hippie festivals, ... and now crystals. (love you, mom)

I don't even really know why (maybe because of HolisticHabits?), but lately I've been really interested in crystals. Both as jewellery (such as my uncut ruby necklace that my boyfriend got me two years ago, and my new polished pure  quartz necklace from  my granny) as well as room décor (such as this huge and gorgeous amethyst druse and another rather large pure quartz from my granny). What I love about crystals is that they are so minimalist and clear (so great natural décor), and at the same time they fill your room – or your body and mind, for that matter – with positive, healing energy. (Yes, I do believe in that). Just like my oil collection, I'm pretty positive that my crystal collection will grow over the next few years!

STARTING with crystal water

Speaking of the healing energy of crystals: Another gift I got for Christmas are these water-energizing crystals that are used to improve the water quality by adding minerals and cleansing energy. The most known collection is the one I got: rose quartz, pure quartz and amethyst.

By placing these crystals in a jug or carafe of water (it's called water charging), you sort of purify (also in the metaphysical sense) your drinking water. Primarily you can charge your drinking water, but you can also positively affect your cooking water, bath water, the water you use for your animals, plants, and so on. It is recommended to use filtered tap water, natural mineral water or spring water. It's important to drink clean water only (not distilled though!!).

Now find a spot in your house where you can leave the prepared container undisturbed – like on a window sill. Leave the glass container overnight and your drinking water is ready. If you want to use it for bathing or as water for your garden, you can leave it there for several days. Once the water is charged, take out the crystals. You will be left with brilliant, soft, charged water :)

So yeah, that's basically what I got for Christmas – along with a ton of vegan food, tights, a wooden comb to accompany my wooden paddle brush (love!), bamboo toothbrushes (also love!!), a dry massage brush (), natural cosmetics, organic shea butter (for DIYs! so cool!), an electric kettle and many other lovely things.

Feel free to share your own favourites / new discoveries in the comments if you like! I'd love for us to interact and inspire each other :)