Get Healthy With Me 08 | Fit Through Winter

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Hello fit friends -
Who is familiar with this scenario? You get up, it's early in the morning, it's cold and dark outside. You go to work or uni, spend all day inside, and when you get home, the sun is already setting again. 

Many of us (me included) let their fitness routine slide during the cold and dark months. After all, we are not going anywhere near the beach in winter anyway, so who cares about our (non-existent) abs, right? - Wrong! If you want to be fit in summer, do not take a fitness break during the winter. In fact, it is particularly important to keep your body fit in winter to avoid getting sick (like me right now, lying in bed with a nasty cold). Your immune system will thank you.

Here are my tips on how to stay fit in the winter!

Episode 08: Fit Through Winter

The most common reasons to ditch your exercise during winter are: too cold, too windy, too uncomfortable, too wet, too dark. Now, how do you manage to keep fit in winter despite those tempting excuses

1) Winter Workout Wear

The temperature fluctuations in the winter season can put an extreme strain on our bodies, so a lot of fresh air is a treat for body and mind. In order to workout outside (running, biking, Nordic walking, or just simple walking or sledding etc.), you need the right clothing for unstable and cold weather, such as light, breathable, waterproof training wear. If you are properly dressed, you can handle any weather without getting wet or cold. For example, it's super important that your ears, hands and feet are kept warm. (Tissues are also a great thing to have at hand when you're active outside!)

2) The Right Time

I know it's tempting to slip into your jammies, slouch on the sofa and watch a movie whilst warming your hands on a mug of hot chocolate. Very tempting indeed. The thing is, you don't have to abstain from that! The trick is to work out right AFTER (or before) work or school. That way you won't be tempted by your cozy, warm home - because let's be honest, who wants to get up again once they're wrapped up in a blanket?

3) Find Workout Buddies

Together everything is much more fun than alone. This also applies to working out. With friends by your side, it's much easier to motivate each other and have fun whilst working out. Also, knowing that a friend will pick you up at a certain time will help you ditch the excuse that "the weather is so bad and I don't feel like leaving the bed". Plus, if you're going on a run, it's safer to have someone with you in case one of you gets hurt.

4) Home Workout

For those of you who prefer to train indoors in winter (like me), great options to keep fit are fitness studios, swimming pools or sports clubs. If you are a student at university, check out their college sports program - they usually have some pretty inexpensive and fun courses. In addition to keeping warm and dry, you can socialize more easily than out on your own. You can also opt for home workouts such as yoga, pilates, dance workouts and short HIIT or cardio workouts - I usually find mine on Youtube (yoga: YogaWithAdriene, dance: Good Health 24/7, others: FitnessBlender).  

5) Healthy Inside and Out

Another important aspect to get fit through winter is - of course - a healthy and balanced diet. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, even if the offer is not quite as big as in the summer. It is best to buy seasonal and regional products on weekly markets or in supermarkets. Find delicious recipes and start cooking. With all your ambitions to get fit, do not forget to have fun and enjoy! Dieting, starvation and over-exercising will only make you feel weak and grumpy, so get rid of it!

Last but not least - Look After Your body

Don't overdo it. Warm up, do your stretches, breath through your nose and take your time. You're not trying to escape a bunch of zombies, so don't rush it (unless you are - then run for your life). If you notice that you are starting to get a cold or a cough, you should pause with the sports units. Cure yourselves and start again only when you have recovered and are feeling healthy and fit again. After all, winter is the time to sneeze and slouch.

Do you have any other tips to stay active in winter? What motivates you during this dark and hostile time?