Full Moon Ritual, Meditation & Manifestation

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Hello beautiful!

This Thursday, the 11th of January, is a Full Moon. The first full moon of the New Year! Time to say goodbye to old habits, patterns & beliefs. Basically, every day is the right time to let go of old patterns, negative energies and fears. However, the quality of a full moon promotes this sort of cleanse, as is a phase of powerful energy, a time to grow and transform. This time is best suited to set goals, manifest them and let go of the old.

This is not some esoteric wishy-washy moon worshipping ceremony - so do not be disappointed if the moon goddess won't suddenly appear in your room or you don't find yourself surrounded by small magical lights ;) -, but rather a way to spend each month consciously working towards a brighter, clearer, more mindful and purposeful life. How you design your personal full moon ritual, completely depends on your personal preference. It can be whatever you want: as long or as short as you like, as serious or as silly as you're in the mood for, and it can serve any purpose you want. 

Here are some suggestions for a clarifying monthly ritual.

1) Write Down Your Wishes

Often times, I will have a hard time to fall asleep on a full moon (but then again, I also get more hungry on full moon nights, so maybe I'm just weird, lol). Perhaps because the night is light by the moonlight, or perhaps because the moon's effect on the tides also translates to our bodies that are approximately 60% water. Either way, if you are troubled by sleeplessness, this is the perfect time to grab a piece of paper and sit down. If you like, create a quiet moment and light a candle. Perhaps at a place from where you can see the moon? Now write down a list of things you want to change. Things you don't want to carry around with you any longer (fears, problems, illness, bad habits), as well as things you want to achieve or welcome into your life (wishes, aspirations, dreams, helpful habits). You can also write down a sort of mantra such as "I am a serene and loving sentient being full of focus and passion". Close your eyes and imagine your wishes to be already fulfilled. With that positive attitude in mind, you may burn or toss the piece of paper.

Sometimes there are no specific wishes. Instead, you can write down 13 things for which you are grateful in your life. Then you send gratitude to each of the individual points and enjoy the peaceful feeling.

2) Dance Off Your Troubles

Okay I admit, this sounds a little intimidating, but I highly recommend it to everybody, no matter how strange you may feel at first! The inner boundary of shame - if this is even an issue for you - will quickly be gone. For this fun ritual, it is important to find a place where you are undisturbed and where you feel comfortable. Now turn on your favourite music - this can be something quiet or something wild - anything that makes you feel empowered. Now start dancing like nobody's watching! Move your body without thinking about it, and image you shaking off everything that is no longer useful to you. Dance, and shake your legs and your arms. Dance as long as you feel like it (perhaps 1 or 2 songs is enough, or an entire half an hour). Afterwards, you will feel energetic and vibrant.

3) Wash Away The Old

A more gentle way to unburden yourself is a bubble bath in the moonlight. Sounds wonderfully dreamy, doesn't it? Well, what are you waiting for? Fill your bathtub with your favourite foam bath (this rich Almond Milk Bath sounds like a Cleopatra-esque heaven), light some candles and relax. As you get into the tub, you could think or say something like "I clean myself of anything I do not need any more". Or "Everything that is old and not longer serving me I wash away". If you like these sentences, great! If not, then choose other words that resonate with you and that come easily over your lips. Whatever words come without you thinking about it, these are the right ones for you. Once you step out of the bath, all renewed, make yourself comfortable. If you like, put on fresh bedding to sleep in a pillowy fluff that night.

4) Pull Cards

I like to add some kind of divination into this ritual, and often I'll use tarot cards to help me understand myself. The great thing is that you can ask any questions that are important to you. I don't know, I just find it reassuring and somehow comforting to recognize my own situation in those cards. If you don't own a tarot card deck, you can try out this free online tarot reading (which isn't as detailed as the original, but still interesting). Even my boyfriend did this, and he is not into anything spiritual at all - even though he probably doesn't really believe in these cards, he admitted that they matched his current situation pretty precisely ;) So give it a chance maybe?

5) Meditate

The best way to reconnect with ourselves and get our restless mind under control, is meditation. You can find guided meditations online, e.g. on Youtube, or you can do your own kind of meditation by focussing on the present and watching your thoughts - I like to use a fragrant oil burner to fill my room with lovely scents such as frankincense, myrrh, lavender, sage, sandalwood or rose.

Set a timer for 5 - 10 minutes (use your phone). Sit or stand comfortably - if sitting, rest your hands on your thighs or in your lap. Take a deep breath, then blow it out slowly and as completely as you can. Focus on your breathing. When breathing in, tell yourself: "I'm breathing in". Breathing out say: "I'm breathing out". Instead of letting your thoughts carry you away, label them - here's the hard part. Your attention will wander away from your breath, perhaps instantly. When you notice this, focus it back on your breath. Do this until the timer goes off.  

At the end of your meditation, slowly begin to move your toes and fingers, then extend the stretching to the rest of your body. Yawn, if you feel like it, and let everything go. Then slowly, gently, open your eyes. Look at the candle light. When you blow it out, you can think once again about all the things you want to leave behind. You can go straight to bed and enjoy the inner peace that has spread throughout your body. Or, if you do not want to sleep afterwards, but still want to keep your inner peace, you can sit by a window with a cup of calming tea and watch the moon.

Have a magical Full Moon night :)

Just out of interest: Do the moon phases have any effect on you (e.g. your emotional state, hunger, sleeping patterns etc.)?

Ps. The photos in this blog post are from my vacation in Thailand last spring! While they obviously don't have anything to do with full moon, they do remind me of spiritual rituals and mental awareness.