Lifestyle Favorites ❤ November /16

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Hello friends, how are you all doing? I've just had the most Christmas-y and cookie-licious weekend.

This time I come to you with a quite miscellaneous Lifestyle Favourites post, a bit of Christmas and cookies, a bit of movies and British queens, a bit of Elvish hair and exercise. Enjoy!
Here's what I have been...
WATCHING the crown 

Yes, I'm a fan of anything British, and yes, I've joined the Crown fans. Not only is this series done wonderfully on an aesthetic level, but it's also really interesting to learn about the details of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the world's oldest reigning monarch. What I like most about this series (apart from the portrayal of the Queen and the overall great acting) is its documentary, calm style. It doesn't depend on dramatic cliffhangers or over-exaggerated emotions (sort of like Mad Men used to be before it turned into a roller-coaster), instead it just very informative, classy, calming and nice to watch.

EATING too many cookies

Yeah, there's not really much to add to this. My boyfriend and I visited my parents last Sunday (2nd advent), and we made a bunch of different cookies: cinnamon orange cookies, vanilla crescents, cinnamon apple marzipan rolls... all vegan and wheat-free of course. I also made vegan lembas bread (sweet-ish bread) and vegan lemon poppy seed cake for the murder mystery dinner on Saturday. So yeah, we kinda stuffed our faces with cookies and cake and all sorts of food last weekend, lol. But it's all good. It's Christmas time.

LOVING all things cosy

I sound like a broken record when I say that I absolutely LOVE Christmas season. Especially when it comes to clothing (oversized woollen jumpers, soft leggings, thick tights, knitted socks, heavy coats and lined boots) and candles. Winter is also the time for me to drink hot tea, hot chocolate and caffeine-free coffee - obviously. For coffee, I really like my chicory coffee with lots of plant-based milk and no sugar.

Speaking of all things cosy, of course I had to decorate my room for Christmas: candles, pinecones, nuts, stars, cinnamon sticks, tiny parcels and Santa figurines. By the way, a cute little DIY decor or gift is the walnut candle you can see in the second picture below. All you need is some wax, a piece of candlewick and an empty walnut half. Melt the wax (using the double boiler method) and pour the liquid wax into the walnut half, the piece of wick secured with a pair of toothpicks in the middle of the walnut half. And there you have your little walnut candle :)


OBSESSING over lord of the rings (again)

[nerd alert] 
If you have been following my blog for a while now, then I love you - but you'll also know that I am in love with anything Lord of the Rings related (no kidding, I just happen to be listening to the Lord of the Rings Medley by the PianoGuys right now, haha). Anyway. It has become sort of a tradition of mine to re-watch the LOTR movies (extended version) each year, usually around Christmas time. This year my boyfriend and I are watching the three parts on the first three December weekends leading up to Christmas.  After all these years I still get way too excited about my annual LOTR night and sing along with the score and cry my eyes out and sit there sobbing into my snuggle blanket, while the credits are rolling down my monitor screen. Yeah...

GETTING crafty and creative

As if this nerdiness wasn't enough, we also had a Fantasy Murder Mystery Dinner at a friend's house last weekend, and I happened to play the character of an Elvish king's daughter, so of course I took the chance to channel two of my favourite Elf characters, Arwen and Galadriel, from Lord of the Rings. As you can see above, I made my own Elvish headpiece from metal wire, and I completed the look with pointed ears and a LOTR inspired braided hairstyle. Oh, and I also sewed my own Arwen-inspired blood red velvet sleeves and a matching skirt to go underneath my knee-length black velvet dress. The things I do for Lord of the Rings...


DOING swiss ball workout

To end this post on a more "normal" note, I've finally come around to use my gymnastic ball for more than just an additional seat at my desk - I found a nice full body workout that makes use of the swiss ball as a workout equipment. Mine is a little flat to be honest because I have been sitting on it mostly, but oh well, it still works for this workout. I've really let things slide in terms of my fitness routine... I barely do any home workouts at the moment, and I also don't really feel like going to my weekly yoga class, but instead of stressing out over that, I don't beat myself up for being a little sloth lately and I just try to build up a more active lifestyle during the winter months.

(Also: please ignore the absolute mess that is my room at the moment! whoops...)

Now, with that little bit of motivation I hope I could inspire you in some way to either a) sit back and relax in front of the TV, b) decorate your room or house and get into the Christmas spirit, c) obsess about your favourite movie or show, or d) get back into exercising! 

Feel free to share your own favourites / new discoveries in the comments if you like! I'd love for us to interact and inspire each other :)

Also: I have to give thanks to Teri over at The Freshman Cook for featuring me in her linky party!


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