Lifestyle Favorites ❤ October /16

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Hello hello, and welcome to my little lifestyle update. First off, I hope you had a really fun Halloween night - I didn't really do anything, I just had a chilled night-in with my boyfriend and flatmates after a weekend with my boyfriend's family. 

I haven't done a Lifestyle Favourites last month, but you know what, I'd rather do a favourites post every other month (or whenever I have something to actually show you) instead of doing a half-hearted blog post every single month. So yeah. I'm sure you won't mind :)

BTW: If I don't reply to your comments within 24 hours that is because my gmail notifications are messed up lately, and won't get notified about comments any more... so annoying! I am SO SORRY if I don't get back at your lovely comments in time :(
Here's what I have been...
WEARING layers

Fall is the perfect time for wearing layers. And not just in terms of layering several tops and scarves and cardigans, but also the ever so popular combination of wearing a shirt underneath a slip dress. Below you can see me wearing a buttoned sweatshirt underneath a dress that would be way too skimpy for the current climate.

DOING lymphatic facial drainage massage

As I mentioned in my pamper night routine post, I have been doing a 5 to 10 minute facial massage to naturally drain my lymph nodes, using a porcelain Chinese spoon. The lymph carries play a vital role in our immune system, and it picks up wastes from all the cells and, through an intricate series of processes, breaks them down and arranges for their elimination from the body. So activating the lymph will help detoxify your entire body and strengthen your immune system. Also, the lymph system carries excess water away. Through gentle massage you can encourage this for a less swollen-looking appearance. Because so many of your lymph vessels are located right below your skin, use light pressure - just enough to move the skin without pressing more deeply. For a step-by-step tutorial, follow this or this tutorial.

READING books again, yay!

Oh my gosh, I don't remember the last time I read so much in such little time! Both The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan and Set This House In Order by Matt Ruff were birthday presents, and both I basically binge-read within two days. The Opposite of Loneliness surprised me - at first I was sceptical when I heard of the post-mortem bestseller, but then I began to read and I couldn't stop. Not only does Marina Keegan have excellent observation skills for human interaction as well as a very refreshing straight-forward tone of voice, but her writing also strongly reminds me of myself and my time at university when I was still a Bachelor student of writing and cultural journalism. I wonder if this is the case for Bachelor students in general, or at least for creative writing students...? Anyway, a truly moving compilation of her works. It's a shame she only got to be 23 young years old.

Now, Set This House In Order was also a surprise to me. First of all, the cover is brilliant, representing not only the title of the book, but also its puzzling content. "A Romance of Souls" is probably the most misleading (and unsuitable) subtitle for this sort of story if you ask me, but apart from that, this novel does everything right. Complex characters, smart writing, straight-forward language, twisted plot, suspense, depth, and just the right amount of disturbance to illuminate the scars of an abused soul (or rather, souls). If you don't mind being led into the shattered psyche of two very different abusive childhoods, read this book! Once you start reading it, it's absolutely addictive. I have to say though, up until Part Ten, about page 400, it's about an internal (psychological) struggle manifest in the world. Then, at the very end, a wholly different struggle for physical survival is introduced that almost ruined the cake for me.


IN LOVE WITH all things foxy

Foxes and other woodland creatures make me feel more autumnal than any other fall decorations. Artist Carne Griffiths creates magical artworks by combining traditional mediums like ink with drinks like tea, vodka, brandy, whiskey and other alcohols. unique, magical, muted colours, Griffiths uses the medium of tea and ink (sometimes graphite, vodka, whiskey, and others) to create these pieces. Isn't the fox girl piece gorgeous? This, along with the cute fox patterned phone background, can be found in my Fall Phone Wallpapers compilation.
I'm also digging fox printed clothes, such as this blue blouse with fox print that I wore in my Autumn Outfit last month. And how cute is the fox ring and dress from A Clothes Horse? Not to mention her photography skills...
fox girl / fox phone wallpaper
fox ring and dress / fox blouse

PRACTICING gratitude

With Thanksgiving and the end of the year ticking closer, I start pondering about the past months, and the months yet to come. What I'm grateful for, and what I'm hoping to achieve next year. What I'm scared of maybe. If I appreciate everything that is in my life right now. And that perhaps one day not all of that will be in my life anymore... What are you grateful for? Or hoping for?

I hope you're all well and fighting off any fall/winter sickness! I'm crawling back to bed to rest and heal my upset stomach... tmi.

Feel free to share your own favourites / new discoveries in the comments if you like! I'd love for us to interact and inspire each other :)


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