Get Healthy With Me 07

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Oh man.
The last time I put out a Get Healthy With Me was in May!! I should probably bury myself in some dirty hole for being such a lousy blogger.

If you were expecting something more exciting like "how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks", I'm sorry, but this series is not called "Get Anorexic With Me", but get healthy with me. And getting fit the healthy way takes time, consistency and balance :) 

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Episode 07: Balance, baby!

The colder months are setting in - but I'm determined to get/stay in shape this winter!! My goals are to wake up with the sun, move, work, and rest. I really want to get back into doing yoga every day (I've been slacking off big time) and get my arms super toned... somehow, lol. Luckily, I have the opportunity to do another weekly Hatha yoga class at my university like I did last winter semester, starting next Wednesday. So expect another fitness update in a month or so - I really want to take you "with me" on my fitness/health journey again :)

By the way, this is going to be my very last semester at university. Ever. This stresses me out quite a bit to be honest - all the more reason to exercise as stress relief!

When we think of fitness, we often think of protein shakes, slimming diets, bootcamp workouts and generally, less fun in life. That does not have to be the case AT ALL. On the contrary, you're probably doing something wrong if your fitness routine means less fun. As I mentioned in my very first episode of this series, you have to find a kind or form of exercise that you truly enjoy and that will keep you going for more than a couple of sessions. For me, that is home workouts such as yoga, pilates and short HIIT or cardio workouts that I usually find on Youtube (yoga: YogaWithAdriene, others: FitnessBlender).  

As for your diet, balance is key here as well. If I would have restricted myself to eating fruits and vegetables and a handful of nuts every day, I wouldn't have made it this far. I would have given up months ago. Of course, try to incorporate as many fruits, vegetables, complex carbs and plant-based proteins into your diet in order to reduce sugar, saturated fats and simple carbs. You find many recipes that match these criteria in my recipe index, if you're interested.

But just like you won't get lean from eating one bowl of salad, you won't get fat from eating one piece of cake.

So much for my input today, now let's get to what I ate and what I currently look like! 

What I Ate:

- loads of fruity and vegetable-y things -

buckwheat fruit muesli
millet porridge with figs
Ayurvedic fruit and nut porridge
fruit muesli
veggie millet salad
flaxseed pizza
broccoli and almonds with polenta slices
lentil chili non carne
carrot potato ginger soup
lentil stew with rice

- and also this -

marble muffins
orange walnut scones

cherry chocolate brownies
PB&J birthday cake
banoffee pie ice cream
snow white cake
chocolate cauliflower brownies

It's called balance for a reason ♡

Weekly Menu CW 41:

- On Monday we had loads of sickness-fighting veggie soup with leeks, onions, carrots, broccoli, peas and potatoes because I wasn't feeling well on Sunday/Monday for some reason.
- For Tuesday we went for one of our quick staples: rice salad with a Mediterranean twist due to sun-dried tomatoes and olives, cucumber, pepper, tomatoes, pickles and kidney beans. Similar recipe over here.

- On hump day, my boyfriend and I made our favourite quiche recipe at the moment that I had also made for my birthday last month: Leek Carrot Quiche with spelt crust and chickpea filling.

- For Thursday, we had another "cooked" salad, but this time with potatoes.

- Friday was pasta day, and so we prepared a big batch of "Ratatouille-ish" sauce with zucchini, red and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes and lots of olives, and ate that with corn pasta.

- On the weekend we went a little crazy. Breakfast was spelt semolina pudding with sliced almonds, raspberries and dark chocolate (Saturday), and pumpkin pancakes with date sauce (Sunday). For lunch/dinner we had a spicy African inspired white cabbage potato curry, as well as a roasted sweet potato and pumpkin soup that I also made for my birthday party. Oh, and we made pumpkin bread!! So good.

I was thinking, maybe it would be interesting to upload a weekly menu of what me and my boyfriend usually eat for dinner (and lunch the next day). In this case: calendar week 41, so this week. If you want to make your own menu for the week, you can download the template over here.


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