Fall Phone Wallpapers

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I know, I'm going a little crazy with fall vibes and autumn accessories, but let's face it: dark days lie ahead of us, and we've got to make the best out of it ;)

I've always loved autumn. With my birthday in September, autumn holds a special place in my heart. It is just so beautiful, the golden afternoon light, the foggy mornings, the first frost of the year, the leaves ranging from yellow, to rusty oranges and flaming reds. Besides wrapping up in cosy knitwear and going for wet walks or warming up with a cup of hot chocolate, I love surrounding myself with little bits and pieces of autumn. Such as pine cones, candles, dried flowers... or an autumnal phone background.

So I've put together this collection of 21 of my favourite autumn inspired phone wallpapers (that can be used as lock screen or phone background). Click "read more" to view all of them!

how to use: 
I have linked to each of the wallpapers, so simply find one you like, then follow the link and save the image to your computer or your phone. If you're using your phone for this, simply hold the image and save it to your camera roll, then set it as your lock screen or background – easy!

(in some cases you may have to edit the image on your phone or computer a little to fit your screen)

So. What do you think of these phone wallpapers? I think they are adorable. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favourite out of them all! Mine would have to be the foxes one or the hot air balloon one... or perhaps one of the street couple ones... they're all my favourite! Lol.

PS. I just realized, you could also print these and use them as DIY postcards! That would look sooo cute. And it's super easy and cheap to print them and glue them onto a piece of cardboard! 

PPS. As of this Friday, I'm doing "blogtober" this month - I made this term up and it means that I will not only upload new blog posts on Sundays and Wednesdays, but also on Fridays for the month of October :)

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