Dealing with Bad Weather

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Fall is one of the prettiest seasons. It's red, green, yellow, orange, brown and golden. It's sunny and misty and makes for great outside photography during golden hour, but often enough it's just a miserable mix of rain, clouds and depressingly dim light.

I don't know about you, but weather conditions always have an effect on me - sun and warmth makes me light-hearted and adventurous, whereas cold, dark days bring out the gloomy, anxious aspects in me. They literally make me feel "under the weather", as the Brits put it so nicely.

Here are 10 tips on coping with bad weather (and a bad mood).

1. Do a Spa Day
This probably doesn't come as a surprise, especially since I recently did an entire blog post on my Pamper Night Routine, but I think smothering yourself in a lovely smelling body oil and treating yourself to a face massage, a face mask or an occasional bubble bath is actually the easiest and most underrated or neglected step towards fighting off the bad weather blues for both body & mind. Adding a few drops of lavender or Frankincense essential oil to your bath will help you to relax, feel at ease and free your mind from any negative thoughts.

2. Put on Cosy Clothes
Throw on that oversized jumper and that yoga pants or harem pants or whatever you feel most comfortable in! You want to get as cosy and comfy as possible in your own skin. And that includes your "fabric" skin as well. For me, I put on my thickest and warmest leggings, a pair of warm woollen socks and a colourful Christmas-y wool pullover.

Oh, and needless to say, I definitely don't wear any make-up on a bad-weather-day!

3. Watch a Movie
Now that you're all pampered and snuggled up in your favourite jumper, you can sit back and switch off your exhausted brain to watch an up-lifting movie. For me, that would be something like The Last Airbender, Gilmore Girls, The Office, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, The Emperor's New Groove, The Intouchables or Little Miss Sunshine.

Oh, and make sure to drink a hot chocolate or your favourite tea while watching for an instant boost of happiness! :)

4. Invite Friends Over
Sometimes you just need a good friend or a cheery crowd of pals to get over your bad weather blues. How about cooking together, having a game night, watching some comedy, having a home spa night, even throwing a pyjama party if you feel like it?

And if you don't feel like being among people, don't force it. Feel free to cancel any appointments and just be with yourself. For me, this varies depending on my mood that day. Sometimes I'm glad to be in the company of a couple of close friends for a game of Settlers of Catan or a nerdy movie night, but sometimes I don't feel like talking and socializing, but I'll rather stay home, listening to an audio book, reading or watching a series instead.

5. Create a Pop of Colour
Whether that might be fresh flowers, a hot pink nail polish or a turquoise wall in your room - colour will freshen up the atmosphere, brighten your mood and make you feel instantly more alive. For me, greenery and bouquets are my favourite way to add colour to my house. Bringing nature outside in does not make your space more vibrant, but it also only clears the air due to the oxygen production and gives an overall happier feel to your room.

Another way to bring colour into your home is to simply colour yourself! Put on some bright red lipstick, wear a pink onesie... What ever makes you feel more put together and less sluggish. For me, painting my toe nails is a great meditative activity since it not only makes me feel prettier, but it also calms me down. Colourful toes never fail to cheer me up :)

6. Fill your House with Lovely Scents
Speaking of calming yourself, I would recommend filling your apartment or room with some comforting scents. Personally, I am a huge fan of candles, not only scented candles, but any candles. They just give such a cosy and kind of romantic feel to a room. And if they smell like vanilla or cupcake or baked apples - even better!

Alternatively or additionally, try aromatherapy. Either put some drops of essential oils into a diffuser (if you're fancy and have one), or just put some onto a damp towel to lie on top of your radiator or onto your wrists. Sniffing essential oils like lavender can elevate your mood and help your body maintain a regular internal clock.

7. Keep a Consistent Schedule
This is more of a general advice. Whereas in summertime I often feel adventurous and timeless, it helps to structure your days during the colder and darker months. That includes a consistent schedule (getting up, going to bed, going to work, eating your meals) as well as regular little rituals for yourself, such as meditating, exercising, cleaning, journalling, moisturising, heck, even having your morning tea or coffee at a certain time.

Seasonal depression can often throw off our body's internal clock and make it hard to sleep and get up / wake up on time, so make sure to help your body by maintaining an organised daily rhythm.

8. Get more Vitamin D
Low levels of vitamin D have been proven to contribute to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) symptoms. So get as much sunlight as possible during the day! In your lunch break, after work or on weekends. What ever fits your schedule best. Also, try moving your working space to a brighter location close to a window to help soak up some rays and energizing brightness.

9. De-clutter or Re-decorate Your Environment
How does cleaning out my room have anything to do with bad weather?! 
Well, like I said, you want to create a sense of order, structure and cleanness in your life. As much as I like rooms that look like crammed little hobbit holes, you want to get rid of your mess and create a bright, open space. Believe me, life is chaotic enough.

Also, what better time to spend inside and comb through your room than a rainy, gloomy day?

10. Get some Fresh Air
I know, it's tempting to spend the entire day inside and hide under your blankets when it's grey and cold outside and you don't feel like facing the world, but go outside - even if it sucks! Getting outside even when the weather is dreary will help boost your mood and motivate you throughout the day. Plus, it will remind you of being grateful (instead of grumpy and sulky) when you come home after a wet walk around the block and you throw off your damp jacket and boots to crawl back into bed ;)

I hope, any of these suggestions resonated with you :)

So what are your tips to beat the bad weather blues? Are you the "keep busy to distract myself" sort of person or the "I don't ever want to leave my bed" sort?  

(I'm definitely the latter one...)


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