Autumn Moodboard & Outfit

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Fall is probably my favourite season, along with spring. It's when the greatest changes in nature happen. It's when I feel like shedding my leaves and starting fresh. Like a migrating bird, or a squirrel cleaning its drey.
It's also when I feel most unsure about everything.

Such as my future. My work. My needs. My clothing style. Life after my master studies. Watching Stranger Things at night doesn't really help with my increasing anxieties.

This moodboard above (most pictures were taken from my Pinterest profile) pretty much sums up my feelings about autumn: an unknown road ahead of me, exploring the world and myself, cosying up to a snug sweater or my boyfriend (whilst watching Stranger Things and squeezing his hand), drawing, dreaming, drinking tea and hot chocolate.

I also spent a lot of time culling my belongings lately using the KonMari method and other tricks. There will most probably be a blog post on that in the near future, if you are interested.

But for now, here's a little autumnal outfit that I shot with the help of Mr Fox, my boyfriend.  

I wish I had a deer or squirrel necklace to match my fox blouse and my owl earrings, but oh well.


Blouse: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Tamaris (thrifted) 
Necklace: Bijou Brigitte
Earrings: ?


As you could see in the moodboard above, the colours that I usually associate with fall are golden orange, red, brown, grey, green mustard yellow and ox-blood, however, for this little formal weekend outfit I chose a dark blue skirt (sort of high waisted) and an accidentally matching blue blouse with a cute fox print, black tights, red wedge boots for a pop of colour, owl earrings and a golden leaf necklace for some forest-inspired fall accessories.

My bucket list for this fall:

jump in a pile of leaves
watch the birds take off to their great migration
make myself a big hot chocolate
finish part 1/2 of my masters thesis
make a fruit crumble (apple? blackberry? pear?)
go apple picking
hike in a forest
plant bulbs for spring (what sort?) 
try a new pumpkin recipe (pumpkin bread?)
finally apply for dancing lessons with my boyfriend
finish watching Stranger Things (without freaking out)
dress up for Halloween
pick up sketching / doodling again
wear a new outfit / combination
go on a walk on a foggy morning
read a little bit every day
admire the changing colours
be thankful for everything I have and everything that's yet to come

Also, I'm pretty jealous at the fox dress, the fox ring, the adorable bambi necklace and pretty much all of the beautiful outfit photos by The Clothes Horse. Photography-wise, I am faaar from there yet, but perhaps I can learn and evolve and improve over time... 

I mean, I think ever since my last Autumn Outfit post, our photography skills have improved noticeably, don't you think? And when I say "our" I mainly mean my boyfriend's skills since he's the one who has to take photos of my outfits :D

Now I'm off to do some reading and enjoy my free time with Mr Fox :)


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