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If you are new here (welcome!), this is where I share my most recently discovered everyday "essentials" that I call my Lifestyle Favorites (outfits, food findings, books, movies, activities, inspiring ideas...) each month. This month I've been a little experimental, so hop along if you're curious to see what I've been up to lately.
Here's what I have been...
WEARING monochrome

I will talk about de-cluttering further down, but to get ahead of things, one of the greatest benefits of sorting out my wardrobe was thinking about what my personal style was. Until now, I used to wear things because they were, you know, familiar. Instead of wearing newly bought clothes that I really liked at that time, I went for my "safe" (aka boring) clothes. You could even say, I hid behind them. 

Ever since going through my wardrobe over the past few weeks, I've been getting rid of all these "comfort" clothes - of course, I still have a couple of my beloved comfy sweaters and sweatpants, but I sorted out all those clothes that were either connected to a negative memory, or that didn't really make me happy (google "KonMari method" if you're interested in that sort of thing).

During that process I also noticed that I haven't really found "my style" yet - or at least I haven't been true to it because for some reason I never really dared to dress accordingly. It was actually in Portugal that I realised: this is what I like to wear. I don't know what to call my style or how to categorize it (sporty? chic? casual? monochrome?), but this is it. So my current goal is to make my wardrobe a place where nothing but my favourite clothes are stored! Such as this little black and white outfit. Which looks even better now that I'm tanned ;)

EATING an alkaline diet

Ever since introducing wheat back into my diet during my vacation in Thailand I've noticed a change in my health. Perhaps it's due to the stress of writing a master thesis, perhaps it's due to the wheat - whatever the reason for my weak immune system lately is, an alkaline detox to flush my body from any toxins was much needed.

Starting right after our trip to Portugal, I followed an alkaline diet for 10 days, and I was honestly surprised by the energy I felt! Since this deserves more than just a paragraph in this favourites compilation, there is a separate blog entry on my alkaline diet detox with more detailed information.

INTRIGUED BY dip dyed hair

On occasion of the Boom festival we attended in Portugal last month, I felt the urge to get a little crazy with my hair and dip dye the tips pink! If you have read my hair story post, you will know that I'm still in the process of growing my formerly dyed hair tips out and that I don't want to dye it ever again (you can definitely tell that dying is damaging).  

So since I will chop off that part of my hair later this year anyway (the lower part that is still dyed a lighter blonde) in order to have nothing but my natural hair, I thought the hippie-like Boom festival would be the perfect opportunity to do this little pink experiment - it wasn't a permanent colouration and has already been washed off as you can see in the "monochrome" pictures. I'm keen to cut my hair at New Year's and treat it with loads of homemade hair masks etc. from now on to get my hair as long, healthy and shiny as possible :)

DREAMING OF a proper set of photography props

In all honesty, I don't want to end up being a hoarder and having a room full of food photography props because deep down in my heart I'm a minimalist, but I do intend to build a little prop collection on a budget in order to up my photography game. First off, I will need a nice rustic white surface such as this one or this one. Also, I will need a tripod. But apart from that, I want to have a bunch of details that will make my food pictures more interesting and aesthetically pleasing. The article I linked gives a number of helpful tips on how to assemble an affordable prop collection.

source: my creative photography
DOING de-cluttering my room

Last, but not least: de-cluttering. Yes, I've mentioned this several times on my blog already, and yes, I'm constantly sorting out and getting rid of stuff. At least that's what it feels like - and it's actually a really great feeling. Like I said before, I'm sort of a minimalist (in terms of being practical, economical and getting rid of the unnecessary, focusing on what is important and appreciating what I already have). I enjoy travelling light - also figuratively. If I could, I would only fill up to three moving boxes the next time I move houses. But that's unrealistic.

At the moment I'm going a bit crazy with de-cluttering my room (clothes, books, documents, jewellery, everyday objects...), and since I don't want to through everything away, I'm thinking of ways how to get rid of the stuff without wasting it. My room mate and I are planning to sell most of our things at a flea market some time soon, and everything that's left we will donate to a charity. It's great to clear out your wardrobe etc., but please don't throw away anything that might make another person happy!

not the prettiest picture, but that's the current situation: piles of sorted out stuff.

So, yeah. That's it for last months lifestyle favourites. I hope this was somewhat inspiring. I will keep you posted on the flea market project.

Feel free to share your own favourites / new discoveries in the comments if you like! I'd love for us to interact and inspire each other :)


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