Packing List & Travel Essentials

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Hey guys,

since I'm off to Portugal for the BOOM festival and a road trip through Portugal with my flat mates, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share with you my packing list for longer vacations as well as my favourite healthy travel snacks, helpful free travel apps, and what to wear on the air plane.


→ What To Wear

- Comfy hoodie over a top or T-shirt
- Walking/comfortable shoes
- Leggins, sweat pants, harem pants or a comfy skirt
- DVT stockings to prevent swollen feet (optional)
- Small backpack & a fanny pack as carry-on

→ Carry-On 

- Passport
- Wallet with cash, credit card, medical insurance card, optionally vaccination record & foreign health insurance
- Folder with all your other documents (flight tickets, hostel information, maps/directions, copy of your passport, itinerary etc.)
- Mobile phone
- Camera
- Reading materials, coloring book or iPod to keep you entertained
- Lip balm
- Eye mask
- Ear plugs
- Travel pillow
- Tissues
- Baby wipes
- Bandages
- Scarf (great for the AC on the air plane or to cover your shoulders - also protection against wind and sun when you arrive)
- Hand sanitizer
- Empty water bottle (you can fill these up in the airport after you've gone through security)
- Snacks (see below)
- Chewing gum (optional)
- Toothbrush and toothpaste for long distance flights
- An extra set of clothes to change for long distance flights
- for females: panty liners 

→ Toiletries

- First aid kit
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Tongue scraper (optional)
- Floss (optional)
- Deodorant
- Shampoo 
- Body soap
- Moisturizer
- Razor
- Nail file and clippers
- Tweezers
- Comb
- Hair ties
- Sunscreen
- Small torch
- Washcloth
- Vaseline (for dry lips or to avoid potential blisters on your feet)
- Vitamin B12
- for females: makeup & makeup remover, sanitary pads & tampons

→ Clothes *

- 5 - 7 sets of underwear (silk, lace, or micro-fiber dries quickest)
- 3 bras
- 4 pairs of socks (cotton blend) 
- 2 pairs of pants (one dressy, one casual; cotton blend is recommended: when washed, it dries faster than jeans)
- 2 pairs of shorts
- 4 - 6 shirts (long/short-sleeved, various colours)
- 1 - 2 dresses or rompers (one dressy, one casual)
- 2 skirts (wrinkle-resistant; one should be at least knee-length for temple or church visits)- 3 sweaters
- 1 rainproof jacket
- 1 - 2 light cardigans for layering
- Hat (optional)
- Vest (optional; great for layering)
- Tights (optional)
- Sleepwear
- Swimwear
- 1 pair of flip flops (for walking around & for the bathrooms)
- 1 pair of lighter shoes such as sneakers or sandals (+ 1 pair of sturdy walking shoes that you'll wear on the plane) 

For summer vacation 

- Bikini(s)
- Sun glasses
- Sun Hat 
- Insect repellent
- Cover-up for the beach (optional)
- Mosquito net (optional)

For winter vacation

- Thick scarf
- Gloves
- Woollen socks
- Umbrella
- Warm hat
- Coat 

→ Other Items

- Towel
- Tea bags
- Charging cable(s)
- Voltage adaptor, if necessary
- Extra memory card for camera (optional)
- Spoon and knife 
- Pen and paper 
- Piece of string 
- Padlock for your suitcase / backpack 

→ Travel Snacks

- Energy Balls (such as these or these)
- Dried fruit (dates, figs…)
- Nuts (almonds, walnuts…)
- Fresh fruit (apple, banana…)
- Fresh vegetables (bell pepper, cucumber, carrot…)
- Roasted chickpeas
- Crackers and/or rice or corn cakes

→ Helpful FREE Apps

- Packing List, e.g. "Pack The Bag"
- Comparing airlines and deals, e.g. "Skyscanner", "Kayak"
- Currency converter, e.g. "XE Currency", "Oanda Currency Converter"
- Navigation to orientate yourself in the often unnamed streets, e.g. "Waze", "CityMapper", "Allpoint", "HERE" (off-line), "" (off-line
- Pocket travel agent to manage your itinerary, e.g. "Tripit"
- Finding a hotel room, e.g. "Stayful", "TripAdvisor"
- Finding a private accommodation, e.g. "Airbnb"
- Finding a hostel, e.g. "Hostelword", "TripAdvisor" - Emergency service numbers for just about every country, e.g. "TravelSafe"
- Navigation on hiking trails, e.g. "AlpineQuest GPS Hiking"
- Learning or practising a language, e.g. "Duolingo"
- Translating text or signs, e.g. "Google Translate" 
- Infos on tides and weather conditions in surf spots, e.g. "MSW Surf Forecast"
- Finding restaurants, e.g. "Foodspotting", "TripAdvisor", "HappyCow"
- Tip calculator to help the mathematically challenged split bills and tips while neatly sidestepping social embarrassment, e.g. "Tipulator"
- Overview on bars, restaurants, attractions and events, e.g. "Time Out"
- Organizing your finances, e.g. "Mint"
- Help with battling your jet-lag, e.g. "Entrain"
- Interactive map of your trip, e.g. "LiveTrekker" 
- Recording your trips off-line like a blog or travel diary, e.g. "Journi"

* For vacations longer than one week, I always pack enough clothes for 1 WEEK to keep my luggage light and because you usually will have the opportunity to wash your clothes after 1 week (either by hand or in a washing centre somewhere).


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