[OUTFIT] A Spring Day

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Spring has sprung, and as much as i love the colour spectrum of autumn, the hazy winter nights, and the melon-y sweetness of summer, i think spring might be my favourite season. Everything starts to bloom and buzz, everything starts to be alive again after the winter sleep.

Last Thursday was Ascension Day (and also Father's Day here in Germany), and after a lie-in and a bit of yoga my boyfriend and I biked to our local park, our bag filled with a picnic blanket, a book, a water bottle, my camera, and two pieces of our home made rhubarb cake with soy whipped cream, yummm.

20°C, sun out, azure blue sky and no clouds in sight. Great weather for spending the day at the park! However, as you might know if you're somewhat into photography: good weather = bad photos.

PRO TIP: The BEST time for taking pictures, especially portraits/outfit photos, is CLOUDY or overcast weather! Clouds are nature's "softbox": they filter the sunlight, soften contrast & shadows, allowing for richness in small details. They also even out colours, which can then be adjusted in photoshop. Examples for photos taken under such weather conditions are my Alice in Wonderland costume post and my Winter Blues outfit post, which was even better due to the snow that reflected the diffuse light and created an even brightness.

You will notice that direct sunlight will actually "bleach out" the colours due to the reflection of skin or which ever surface you're photographing (visible in the very last picture where the black of my dress is bleached out into a yellowish grey). In my Autumn Colours outfit post you can see how clueless i was, thinking "oh the weather is great and bright, let's go outside and take pictures" without knowing that this would actually be a disadvantage due to the harsh lighting and contrast on my clothes...

But this time i was determined to make an outfit post for this cute little spring outfit, in spite of the "bad" sunny weather!

So what did we do?

Basically, we looked for a place that was in the shade but still bright enough to take pictures. Having said that bright sun creates harsh contrasts, you can use this to your advantage to play with shadows - in some of the photos below you will notice that we consciously made use of the cast shadows to add interesting patterns and depth to the picture.

Another great option is to backlight someone. Look for a spot far away from a dark background where the sun just rims my subject's hair. That little extra oomph of light can really make a difference. The other advantage to using the sun behind someone is it's NOT in their eyes, causing them to squint. It's also not casting wacky shadows on their face or clothes that you'll have to deal with later. - I'm not a professional photographer by far, but i do have a bit of experience. BTW: Who the "man behind the camera" in my outfit posts is, you will find out at the end of this post... ;)

What i wore:

Basically, my spring essentials: dress, ballet flats, purse.

Spring itself is filled with lovely pastel colours, pinks and whites, yellows and lilacs, so i decided to contrast this with a simple, monochromatic dress. What might look like the usual polka dots are actually little white hearts! Cute, right? :) I paired that with golden heart earrings, my infinity ring, my yes bracelet, another dainty rose golden bracelet, a little cross-body purse, nude ballet flats, peachy nude nail polish, and a red bracelet with a golden heart (actually the wrapping of a Lindt chocolate Easter bunny, lol) for a pop of colour.

Oh how i misses the "tightless" days of shorts, skirts and dresses!


Dress: H&M (2014)
YES bracelet: etsy (unfortunately out of stock! similar yes bracelets can be found here and here)
Red bracelet: Lindt (recycling chocolate Easter bunnies into fashion, yay!)
Nail polish: essie 322 Naked Truth


Now, may i introduce you to the man behind the camera in my outfit photos and most of our travel photos? The one who patiently takes pictures of my clothes from every single angle, the one who squats down in order to take detail shots at eye level. The one who waits - sometimes not as patiently - until i'm done with taking photos of our food so we can finally eat, the one who puts up with my craziness on a daily basis, and who has gone on so many different adventures with me already. I'm so grateful to have you as my partner, schatzi

By the way, after our sunny afternoon at the park we biked to my parents for Father's Day and made lots and lots of spelt banana waffles. I definitely ate my body weight in waffles that day, if not more! haha. Those days are the best: lolling around in the sun, having a laugh, going for walks or bike rides, and eating cake and waffles. A toast to those days! 

Enjoy life xx


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