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I have to admit, i'm kinda off track at the moment. I'm so busy with my internship, uni, master's thesis agenda that i don't really have time for anything more time-consuming than a recipe post. For that reason i have neglected both my monthly essentials and my monthly book/movie favourites (mainly because i haven't read a single book ever since my Day Zero Project finale).

I'm not sure when i'm going to continue with the book/movie favourites, but for today i have some new essentials that have improved my everyday life:

Banana Backpack

I don't think i've ever had so much fun with a backpack. In fact, i never actually owned a backpack because i didn't like the feeling of it on my shoulders, so i'd rather wear cross body bags instead. However, when i was in Thailand and i saw this banana backpack (apparently the brand is Fufa) in Khao San Road, i immediately knew i HAD to get it! (negotiated the price down to 6 bucks) I almost got another one with a watermelon print on it, but... priorities!

I'm so in love with this cute banana backpack, and i've already gotten so much wear (and irrational joy) out of it, both in Thailand and back home! It's just the perfect size for a day trip. And now everybody can tell at a glance that i'm a banana girl :)

For example, for this one road trip (or rather: train trip) to my former university i packed a big jar of porridge (pictured above; layered with kiwi and applesauce), my klean kanteen water bottle, a book, and a bunch of notes into my banana backpack. And for our latest camping weekend it was packed with our snacks: an entire loaf of banana bread, energy bars, a book, and my huge true fruits smoothie bottle that i'm reusing ever since (pictured below; infused with lemon slices and fresh basil).

There's actually quite a lot you can fit into this little backpack!

BTW: This chocolate mylk by Rebel Kitchen is the bomb! Super creamy, dreamy and delicious!


Fresh Flowers

When i was younger and still living with my parents, my mom would always ask a friend, neighbour or me or my dad to water her plants while she or we were on holidays. Sometimes when she/we came back, some of the flowers would be dried out or dead, and my mom would be sad or mad. Back then i didn't understand her being upset, i couldn't see what was so important about plants, i would be like "so what, you can just buy another one?!" 

Now i'm just like her. I love my plants, whether blooming or not, and my bedroom is currently filled with 8 different plants, three of them in blossom. I just love the freshness, brightness and colour - or rather greenness - they bring into my room. It's like always having a bit of spring or summer in your home - it makes me happy :) Now i'm the one asking my flat mates to look after my plants when i'm away, and i really care about them! :)

Spring Cleaning

From time to time i have this urge to have a good clear out. To declutter. 

Spring cleaning can come in different forms: it can me to clean your house, it can mean to sort out your wardrobe, it can mean to spring-clean your body by eating better, it can mean to get rid of stuff that you no longer need. For me, it also meant deleting several hundred (!) pictures from my smartphone and deleting my instagram account (!). That was quite a big step for me as i had sort of begun to get obsessed with creating pretty "instagram-worthy" pictures every day, but that was exactly what stressed me out. And so i "cleaned" my phone of the instagram app, deleted my account, and only kept those pictures on my phone that really mean something to me and that i want to carry around with me every day.

Of course, i also went through my wardrobe and had a huge "fashion show" where i tried everything on and decided which clothes to keep and which to give away. During that process i actually re-discovered quite a lot of clothes that i've never even worn before, just because i usually go for the same clothes. I then decided to hang my re-discoveries in the centre of my wardrobe so i would not forget them again. 

I can only recommend to spring clean in one form or the other - it's such a relieving feeling!!

After decluttering, this is the perfect opportunity to fill your room with something fresh and inspiring such as flowers and plants, or candles, inspirational quotes to pin to the wall, ...

Even after cleaning out, i still feel like i have way too much stuff, way too much baggage, that i want to discard eventually. Deep down in my heart, i'm a minimalist, and i would love my room to reflect this mentality. I hope one day my room will only consist of my bed, a tidy desk (with my PC, flowers, a picture frame and my calendar on it), one wardrobe, one bookshelf (with nothing but my favourite books), and one chest of drawers for documents etc. For now i'm storing a lot of stuff in my room that i'm saving for when i'll have my own apartment (currently living in a shared flat), but one day i will be in the position to truly minimize my room...

BTW: When i say minimalist, i'm not talking about this cold monochromatic black and white Ikea designer style. Instead, i'm just referring to a small amount of functional furniture, minimal bric-a-brac and mostly plants and wood and mirrors as my décor, such as in the collage above. I want my house to be bright and clean, tidy and reduced to the basics, but i still want it to be personal, creative and cosy.

Peace out! x

Ps: Thank you to Stella for featuring me over at the Two Uses Tuesday party! :)


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