Get Healthy With Me 06

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Hi there, fit friends!

Last time i wrote about the 7 types of hunger, this time i want to talk about losing progress and regaining motivation. Since my last "Get Healthy With Me" post, a few things have changed. Sadly i'm not doing my weekly yoga class any more because i was in Thailand when the registration started, so i didn't get into the yoga course :( I still do 30 minute home yoga workouts every now and then, but it's just not the same.

I also have to admit that i absolutely failed at establishing a running routine. After running 2 times in March i got sick and had to stay in bed for a week, after that i went to Thailand, spent two weeks there and ate a lot of bread (wheat), came back and was immediately preoccupied by university, my master's thesis and the internship i'm doing until mid June. So far i only managed to fit it 2 more runs, both 3 km. I know that's not a lot, and i wish i would have been able to be consistent from the beginning, but life isn't always as you want it to be, so you have to work with what you get.

Episode 06: Losing Progress

I already talked about loving yourself no matter what, but "loving yourself" is not as easy as it sounds. Especially when it means to accept failure. My regress taught me a valuable lesson: As frustrating as losing progress - or fitness - can be, you have to be okay with the concept of losing. Life is not a consistent up, but it's an ever changing landscape of peaks and valleys. You need to become okay with that reality.  

It's so easy to get obsessed with getting fit and making progress, especially if you are a perfectionist like me (when i was still at school i used to feel super guilty if i forgot to do part of my homework, and in college i'd beat myself up for not getting an A each time). But our bodies, like life, are not meant to be stagnant and stuck at one point forever - they are fluid, and just like the world is constantly turning and changing, our cells are constantly dividing and a million other things are going on inside of you! 

Everything in nature does not bloom all year, so why should you? Some days will be great, some days will not - but the best thing to do is accept what we are given and live life according to our priorities. What is more important to you: spending hours on the treadmill or spending time with your friends, or having a bit of me time? What is more important: your health (including mental and emotional health) or your "fitness" (progress, looks)? Prioritize!

Or to quote Steph: "There's more to life than being fit as fuck!" 

Also, even if you'll "lose progress" due to a (forced) resting phase, this might in fact make you stronger and benefit you in the end because you'll be able to replenish your energy. You've got all your life to get fit! So don't rush it. The great thing about our body is that it will send you signs, you just have to listen. For me, i got sick right after i started to go running. Not because running is bad for your health - quite the opposite! - but because i overdid it. I was determined to become a runner, i wanted to be fit! To be honest, it was partly the thought of becoming one of those super fit blonde girls with hot pants, a bouncing ponytail and a tanned, toned body that pushed me to become a runner. And to be completely honest, that's still part of my motivation (the other part is to feel fit and be able to run without any breathing problems). I'm still determined to build up the strength and stamina to run consistently. But i don't want it to be a competition - not even a competition with myself. 

People often say: "The only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday", and i get where they're coming from, but i don't agree with that concept. As much as i believe in self-improvement and working on your issues, i don't want to compete with myself, i want to be my own best friend, not my enemy. There's just more to life than "being better". Just be. It's okay. You're good enough the way you are.

Having said that, it's completely legitimate to strive towards a healthier lifestyle and seek for motivation. For me, motivation and self-confidence is closely linked to clothes. I find that clothes can define my attitude and mood significantly, whether that be an elegant evening dress, a cosy sweater or athletic workout clothes. What you wear is not only how you present yourself to others, but it also sets the tone for your mindset.

Therefore, wearing proper workout clothes has a great deal to do with your motivation to workout. Perhaps wearing a pretty colourful top is so much fun and gives you so much confidence that you'll want to wear it, you'll want to get active in it! Your choice of clothes are part of your lifestyle, and if you want to change your lifestyle (and be more active and fit, for example), also change your clothes accordingly! And maybe even get a haircut. These external changes will facilitate your internal changes.

For example, my new workout wear (jogging pants, running shoes and a sports bra) makes me feel like a "proper" sports-person. They boost my mood, and i wear my sports bra even when i'm doing a rather gentle yoga or stretching session at home. Of course, surrounding yourself with equipment such as a yoga mat, a gymnastic ball, weights, a pedometer, a foam roll etc. also helps with getting sporty. It's like filling your kitchen with fruits and veggies instead of junk food: you'll reach for what you have at home. So fill your home with items that motivate and inspire you :)

But again: if these items and expectations start to stress you out, and if doing a workout makes you feel bad about yourself rather than good, perhaps it's time to get rid of those expectations and to cut back. Take a break, take a breather, and remember that there's more to life! :)

The "Progress":

Even though this does not show any physical progress (compared to my last update), it definitely shows my mental progress. I'm not ashamed of being a little less fit than last time, i'm OKAY with losing the progress that i had made back then, i'm okay with not being as ripped as girls like knfx, i'm okay with not being that "super fit blonde girl with hot pants, a bouncing ponytail and a tanned, toned body". Maybe some day i will be that girl, and maybe i won't. Who knows. And who cares! I'm me, and i'm living life as good as i can - not better than i was yesterday; just as good as i am at the moment.

I hope this was somewhat helpful for those of you who might struggle with the same perfectionist progress concept! Don't listen to what other people say - listen to your body. 

Good luck!



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