Get Healthy With Me 05

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Hello fit friends -

i have sort of neglected this series over the past few weeks, but today will be another update. Last time i talked about the importance of loving yourself and being/coming at peace with yourself - today i want to talk about HUNGER. 

However, before we get to that, i want to briefly touch on the topic of Episode 01: Motivation! Mainly because i want to show off my two brand new black dresses, haha :)

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Do you know that moment when you've accomplished something, say an exam or a term paper or your driver's license, and you feel the sudden urge to treat yourself to something? Well, in my case that is usually food. Something special. Something expensive. Something that makes me feel like "i deserved it". 

However, the first step towards a healthy relation to food is to stop charge it with emotional value! Such as reward or consolation. There's a reason they call it "comfort food", but there are other ways to achieve comfort that aren't food!

Alternatives to emotional eating:
Have a pamper night (bubble bath included)
Organize your office space, room, or closet (you'll feel great afterwards!)
Simply redecorate your room
Watch a movie you've never seen before
Go to the cinemas
Go shopping (clothes or household items)
Buy yourself a bouquet
Have a game night with family or friends
Go on a little city trip with your loved one(s)
Treat yourself to a spa session 

...and the list goes on and on. 
Now, what i like to do is treat myself to a special activity (such as cinema, ) or treat myself to something nice that isn't food, such as fresh flowers or clothes.  
Clothes are a great motivator, not only because they are functional and pretty, but also because seeing yourself in new clothes usually makes you see the changes your body has gone through so far!

New clothes make a new identity, right? Likewise, if you have entered a new phase in life and would like to bring the old phase to a closure, start by sorting out your old clothes that are no longer appropriate for your new YOU. Another great option to make a cut is to literally cut your hair!

Anyway, i want to introduce you to this video by Joanna Soh and her great video on "How to STOP overeating! 7 Types of Hunger".

Episode 05: Understanding Hunger

How many times have you reached for a handful of snacks at a party and munched through them without thinking, or ordered dessert even though you were already completely stuffed, just because it looked so good?

We eat for many reasons - because we're stressed or feeling sad, because we feel like we deserve a treat or simply because it's our scheduled mealtime.

Eating mindfully is about expanding our awareness around food habits, so that we can make a more conscious decision of what to put in our mouths and when. Once we are more aware of these different types of hunger and their reasons, we can respond consciously and more appropriately to satisfy them. 

In this video, Joana talks about the traits of each kind of hunger and offers practical steps to overcome it. If you want to lose weight or fight your bad eating habits, really tune into yourself, listen to what your body needs and practice mindful eating.

What Hunger Are You? 

1) Physical Hunger
2) Nutritional Hunger
3) Emotional / Heart Hunger
4) Habit Hunger
5) Hormonal Hunger
6) Sense Hunger
7) Environmental Hunger

After watching this video, i recognized myself in several types of hunger, predominantly "Habit Hunger" and "Environmental Hunger". 

It's interesting to observe yourself - try keeping a journal where you write down the time, the amount of food and the type of hunger whenever you eat. This will help you to recognize your own hunger pattern and to learn pay attention to your real hunger. 

But don't just ignore the other types of hunger! They are just as real as the Physical Hunger. 

For example, whenever you notice that you're eating due to Emotional Hunger, use the journal to write down your feelings or pour your heart out to a friend instead of stuffing yourself with comforting, numbing food. 
If you're a regular Habit Hunger person, wait until your hunger becomes bigger. Until your stomach actually grumbles and you physically feel it. 
And when you feel like being a victim to Environmental Hunger, use a small plate and small cutlery. That way, you will be able to go to the buffet more often without necessarily eating heaps every time. 
And so on and so on...

Hunger is your friend. If that helps, treat it like you would treat a little child: Take care of it, feed it properly, don't ignore it, but also don't stuff its face whenever it starts whining. You get the picture :)

Speaking of pictures!

What I Ate:

chocolate porridge with fresh fruits
muesli with soy milk, fresh fruits, cacao nibs and peanut butter
cornflakes with banana milk, granola & fruit
apple cinnamon porridge with kiwi and almond slices

lentil stew with sweet potato and various beans
"risotto" made with millet and vegetables
brown rice with mexican inspired veggie stir-fry
quinoa with mixed veggie stir-fry

bunch of spotted ripe bananas and pink dragon fruit juice
rice bread with chives spread, beetroot radish spread and vegan liver wurst
rice bread with hazelnut "nutella" spread and banana slices
carrot apple oatmeal muffins *

My first ever - homemade! - VEGAN GF BURGER!!! (recipe)
rice pasta with creamy bean garlic sauce, broccoli, cauliflower & chickpeas
red lentil pasta with creamy tofu ramson sauce
spelt spaghetti with lentil bolognese sauce
vegan Mac n Cheese with cashew sauce (recipe will follow!)

*slightly modified the ingredients: replaced the oil with about 300g pure applesauce and left out the sugar completely :)

I've been pretty much on a "pasta & bread" trip, lol. Everything vegan & gluten-free of course, and super tasty!

But don't despair! Don't expect to get fit overnight. The longer it will take, the longer it will last. And also, you need TRUST in your body in order for it to trust you back and let go of the "safety buffer" it has been building. 

So instead of worrying about your outside, concentrate on your inside, observe your hunger and feed your inner child with whatever it needs :)

BTW: I went on my FIRST EVER RUN yesterday!! I've never been a runner (mainly because i was embarrassed about my bouncing boobies and stuff) but lately I felt this weird desire to run - and so I did. With ma brand new shoesies. Beginner's level of course.

After a pre workout snack (warm orange lemon water with some more citrus on the side) and a warm up (25 squats and 3 minutes power walk) I completed my first interval run (2 minutes running, 2 minutes brisk walking x7) which took me 40 minutes total. Will do this 3 times a week, so tomorrow is my next running date! :)

Who needs a gym?! Streets and parks are my gym ;)

Good luck!

PS. Featured at Celebrate It! on Freshman Cook - thank you! :))


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