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Is it already February?
Seriously, where did the first month of this brand new year go? Is that what growing up means? Losing time - or rather, being consumed by time?

Today, I want to share with you the things that have been on my mind over the past few weeks (except for university and food, obviously, haha!).
Read: Love Is In The Small Things

Oh my, I've been looking forward to this actually! This month's "read" favourite is both eye candy and heart-balm. I stumbled upon this one article on Heartwarming Illustrations Show That Love Is In The Small Things on a while ago, and I fell in love with the two apple-cheeked love birds that are kept in a simplistic red, black & white scheme. The illustrations are part of a comic book, Soppy, by the British artist Philippa Rice and instead of love letters and roses, she shows morning routines, a hug or the importance of saying sorry.

Not only do I adore the minimalistic, bold style of these sketches that goes perfectly with the message that love and happiness can be found in the simple, everyday life moments and actions. But I could just relate so well to these two adorable characters! How many times has my day ended in reading side by side with my Mr Fox, leaned against his shoulder, or just lying in bed, talking about deeply important things or just about the grocery list. How many times have we been holding hands, silently, or got excited about our up-coming plans. Love comes in so many ways, sometimes striking, sometimes invisible.

Love isn't always about the big romantic gestures. It's not about the wedding proposals or the words "I love you". Love doesn't need big words, it doesn't have to be loud and dramatic. It's about the small things. The silent things. The gestures, the smiles, the hand that holds you when you're feeling blue.
The boredpanda article then actually got me to look at another article, which was recommended as being similar, and so I headed over to the article Love Is In Small Things, and guess what? That one pushed my buttons even more. I was so touched by this that I had to share it with Mr Fox - not because I wanted to show him what love can look like, but because it actually reminded me so much of him and me

The drawings by the artist Puuung are heart-warmingly detailed and inked in warm, gentle colours. It was quite hard to choose my favourites because they are just all so much on point and tender... and the flat they're living in is just the quirkiest, coolest flat i've seen! Can I live there please?

“Love is something that everybody can relate to. And love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artwork.
- Puuung

Watched: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (J.J. Abrams, 2015)

source: wikipedia

So. Last month i finally watched the new Star Wars: Episode VII, while eating half a bucket of salty popcorn (so good!). As i do with all the nerdy movies i'm passionate about, i will just list my positive and negative impressions below.

Things i liked about Star Wars: The Force Awakens

- Rey as female leading role
(especially since you don't really see it coming! the teaser and trailer suggested that Finn would be a) the main character and b) the yedi of the film, but both is wrong... SPOILER! but really - the movie's been out for more than a month. Why are you reading a Star Wars review if you haven't seen the movie yet?)

- Rey's look
(i actually really like her desert costume, which seems to be inspired by the costumes of Luke and the young Anakin - anyway, clearly a Skywalker reference)

- FN-2187 - or should i call you Finn?

(a black storm trooper as supporting role? and a young woman as the lead? woah, what?! crazy modern times. but really, i appreciate the inclusion of potentially marginal groups, and the fact that they bucked the hero conventions.)
- Kenobi-esque Luke Skywalker

(i gotta say, the beard and the grey hair really suits you, Luke. he almost looks like Obi Wan Kenobi, doesn't he?)

- non-animated creatures such as Chewbacca
(i'm really, really glad they stuck to the old technique of using mainly "real" people in costumes than animating everything as smoothly as a baby butt. that's the thing that really bugs me about the Hobbit movies: the elves, the orcs - it's all just smoothly animated. i mean, just look at the seriously frightening, at times disgusting Uruk Hai from the Lord of the Rings movies compared to the photoshopped pale orc dude from the Hobbit...)
- the astromech droid BB-8

(yeah, i fell for him. little roly-poly fella. though i have to say, he (or whatever) is extremely emotional and human as opposed to R2D2, a bit too much, more like a little puppy than anything else - but oh well, i do like puppies)

- Kylo Ren's mask
(i'm still not sure how i feel about Kylo Ren, this new Darth Vader guy, but i do like his costume. i definitely expected a different face behind that mask, but again this movie goes against typical hero conventions

- desert setting, similar to tattooine

- even the movie poster is in the old style

Things i didn't like about Star Wars: The Force Awakens

- repetitive motifs such as the father son conflict (i almost expected a sentence like "Ben... i am your father"), the droid holding a vital information for the resistance, the Death Star kind of Starkiller Base which by the way was destroyed way to easily - you'd think the dark side would've learned from what happened to the original Death Star

source: rouming
Yeah... did i mention? Repetitive.

Cf. the Honest Trailer: Star Wars The Force Awakens.
- overly clear Nazi reference

(i mean, i guess i always saw the officers at the Death Star and the whole idea of the Empire in the earlier episodes as a metaphor for the Nazi regime, and that's fine. but the Hitler salute kind of fist in the air? that's just too much. i mean, we all got it by now. what's the point?)

- baby face / gay boy villain

(alright, alright, i said before that i actually liked the fact that they didn't cast a ripped guy or a "villain face", but i can't really take this baby face serious! when he took of his mask for the first time, some guy at the cinama actually hollered "gay!", and everyone laughed. my guess is that he will definitely survive and probably get a makeover for the next film. perhaps sorter hair? a more frightening look?)

- giant supreme leader

(where did this beast even come from? who is he? why is he so huge? is that just an out-sized hologram? is he the "new Emperor"? how is he relevant to the story? can't there be a dark side antagonist without a superior super villain? and - WHY is he so HUGE?)

- also: Snoke?! what kind of a villain name is that?

- Leia as not-so-fierce, motherly leader of the resistance 
(as much as i appreciate the fact that they recruited the original actors for the roles of Han Solo, Leia, Luke etc., but the fact that the once sassy princess and tough leader of the resistance has now become a slightly plump mother figure and is STILL supposed to be the tough leader of the resistance? there's nothing wrong with women becoming well-rounded as they age, but it's just weird to ignore the obvious)

- weird romance between ages Leia and Han Solo
(consequently, seeing the effort to reinforce the romantic feelings between Leia and Han Solo is just plain weird. what could have been a moving, possibly non-physical encounter of two aged people was forced into a (failed) attempt to evoke the chemistry that once was. it's exactly that kind of scene where you back off and say "aaawkwaard" in a high-pitched voice)

Maisy rates: 8/10 

Listened toMeisie Meisie

Did you know that Meisie means "girl" in Afrikaans? And it's pronounced exactly like my name :) 

Anyway, there's a South African singer who does Afrikaans folk music, and he sang a song about a girl, a "Meisie", and while i was in South Africa a newly met friend gave me the song on a cd for Christmas - so cool!

I haven't been listening to a lot of music at all, but here are some of my recent songs:

Leva's Polka by Loituma
12 Days Of Christmas
Hello by Adele


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