February Essentials /16

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Hello friends -

I'm still very much in love with granola bowls for breakfast, but lately i've been working on my term paper (on female characters in video games), and to fuel myself i've been relying on my good ol' oatmeal in various forms.

I'm also very much in love with my new LBDs (little black dresses), vegan cake and hot chocolate! Read on, if you're hooked now :)

Breakfast Beauties

// barley grass powder and polenta oatmeal with chopped apple (hidden), wild berry mix & kiwis
// plain porridge with toasted coconut flakes & lotsss of flowery fruitsss.
// coconut porridge with banana blossoms, strawberry jam & coconut almond "raffaelo" butter
// almond milk, banana and carob powder oatmeal  with banana blossoms, toasted coconut flakes, strawberry & OMBAR coconut milk chocolate.

My Food Friends

Food haulin' my favorites!

Grapes, strawberries, oat spelt granola, soy milk and ALMOND milk - yes almond milk costs 3 Euro instead of 60 cents, but honestly a cow's life is with much more than 3 bucks for me!! 

Also, i want to reduce my soy/tofu intake a little. Instead, i want to treat myself to some yummy almond or hazelnut milk. Not as often as i would buy soy milk, but cherish it even more as something special every now and then :)

Little Black Dress

Bought these two black beauties in a little online shopping haul. You probably don't remember my post on The Sweetest Summer Dresses (ages ago), which is basically a collection of dresses i would love to be able to wear. As you might notice, the burgundy lace skater dress from Asos in that post resembles the black dress to the right above!

The left one is a black velvet dress with a choker-like neckline and narrow straps at the top both front and back, and the right one is a black fitted lace dress with a super cool back. In love with both of them :) 

Wore the black velvet dress with bright red lipstick to my friend's birthday party and got heaps of compliments for the dress - yess!

Also: shoes fitting perfectly for both outfits, lol.

Soy Whip & Cake

Just realized that this wrapping paper makes a good photo background! 

Also just realized that this vegan cake with whipped soy cream makes the perfect treat in between writing a term paper :) 

Mom made this. And i'm a lucky girl because i usually go to my parents house to write my papers because it's more comfortable than the campus library and less distracting than my flat AND i get a free lunch (+ dessert sometimes) when i'm there, so... great motivation for writing term papers! :)

Hot Chocolate

To continue the pampering: homemade hot chocolate with raw vegan chocolate and almond milk. Super delicious!

Tip for professional hot chocolate drinkers ! Add a spoonful of creamy pure white almond butter to your hot chocolate!

Hands down, the best way to spend a hard day's night. A cup of hot chocolate with almond milk served in the cutest fox mug, a snugly blanket and a thrilling gloomy movie to curl up on the bed (Take Shelter). 

Have a lovely day!


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