[OUTFIT] Winter Blues

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Winter is a wonderland. There's something wonderful in the air - the sound of scattering feet, the smell of baked goods, twinkling lights, a hunch of snow. I love it. I love the cold, contrasted by the warmth of fluffy blankets and socks, scarves and knit pullovers. I love the music, cheesy and crackling in the speakers. I love the smell of the frosty cold, foreshadowing the nearing snow. I love the snow, crunching under my boots, all bundled up in a coat. I love the feeling of warming my freezing hands at a cup of sweet milk tea. I love biting into a soft, fresh out of the oven cookie, and the smell of cinnamon filling our kitchen. I love kissing the cold tip of the nose of Mr Fox, and the numb, tingling feeling of my icy lips just starting to warm up again. I love winter.

For me, winter essentials are all about cozying up and cuddling with your loved one (or your dog or cat or guinea pig), sipping on hot chocolate (or in my case a caffeine-free chicory coffee with plant-based milk), wearing thick tights (thermal) and chunky jumpers, lighting candles (my favourite scent is vanilla), baking cookies and gingerbread (gingerbread cookies!), eating waffles (!!), and reading a good winter book (or a comic book) that will take you to far away worlds.

It got biting cold now, so i took my warmest coat and tights out that saved me from freezing. The duffle coat i got at a thrift store early in fall for 30 bucks, and it was one amazing investment, it is so so warm i wore it non stop late fall and winter. But I really need to get a nice good classic scarf and mittens for next year because the times that i have come home with frozen-stiff fingers have been way too many.

For winter i always prefer dark colours such as black, brown, burgundy. So for my outfit i wore a dark blue duffle coat over a black high waisted skirt and a maroon knit jumper, black fleece-lined thermal tights, black wedge boots, a grey bobble cap and a bright red handbag to balance out the dark colours. 

Oh and i put on my I love vanilla & ice cream lip balm that has been my winter essential for 3 years now! I love vanilla, i love ice cream, and i love nude, silky smooth lips. So yeah, i bought it as soon as i saw it in the drugstore.


Coat: Zero (thrifted)
Jumper: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Görtz (thrifted)

Gloves: Thinsulate 
Bag: L. Credi (thrifted)


Random side note: As far as i remember, the one to spark my interest in duffle coats was actually Emma Watson, who is my favourite public person by the way (though not my favourite actress, definitely). Another person who i thought of while putting together this outfit is Chi, the adorable and very pretty Vietnamese girl behind the fashion blog If I Were Audrey, who wore a cute winter outfit out in the snow. 

left: Emma Watson (source: zimbio) // right: Chi (source: IfIWereAudrey)

Duffle coats are an elegant and cute garment. In my opinion they're very stylish, and I don't really mind if some people think duffles look too preppy, I still love them. Oh, and another great thing about duffle coats (and coats in general) is that you can easily wear a dress or a skirt underneath them without getting a cold bum or kidney inflammation. Winner!

I'm honoured to be featured yet again by the lovely ladies over on the current Wake Up Wednesday party, especially something that is very dear to me and that took quite a bit of work (and freezing in the snow) to put together, haha! Thank you girls :)

What's your winter go-to look?


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