January Essentials /16

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Hey friends,

the old year has passed, and the new year, the fresh year has begun. 

Ever since returning from South Africa, i have struggled to find back into everyday life back at home, and instead of eating porridge (as i used to do before taking off to SA) i've been eating lukewarm cereal with lots of fresh fruits for breakfast (perhaps because it "reminds" me of the tropical papaya and mango bowls i had when i was in SA).

But apart from this summery muesli breakfast habit, winter has welcomed me with snow and sledding, ice skating, drinking cold caffeine-free coffee and spending the day inside, listening to audio books and sewing some clothes.

Here's what has been essential this month so far:

Breakfast Bowls

I started the new year with a lot of fresh fruits and granola crunch - actually i have developed a serious muesli obsession! (serial cereal killer?) Oh, and i've definitely developed an obsession with cutting bananas and other fruits into blossoms with my cute little cookie cutter!

Some of my breakfasts included:
- cornflakes, oats, soy milk, water, banana, orange and dragonfruit
- basmati rice with water and soy milk, mashed banana, chia seeds, pomegranate seeds and orange
- granola, oats, soy milk, water, banana, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, cacao nibs (get the exact instructions here)
- cornflakes, oats, soy milk, water, dates, banana and orange

Dark Blue Duffle Coat

I'm in love with my dark blue duffle! Like, actually in love. Whenever i go out and put it on, my mood brightens and i start looking forward to trudging through the snowy streets. 

I usually wear it the way you can see it in my Winter Blues outfit: coat, skirt, snug jumper, warm tights, bag, scarf, gloves, boots. Casual, but cute and a bit stylish.

Chicory Coffee

Have you ever heard of chicory coffee?! As you can guess, it is made from chicory - which by the way is also called "coffeeweed"! Did you know? 

I used to be quite a coffee freak (milk coffee mostly), but not any more. I never drink anything containing caffeine (neither coffee nor coke nor black tea and such), but i do like the taste of coffee somehow. And since my Ayurvedic constitution recommends me to consume something bitter (such as coffee, black tea, fenugreek or roasted sesame seeds) after every meal, i remembered that i still had a package of this caffeine-free chicory coffee at the back of my cupboard somewhere. 

I treat it like any other coffee: hot water, coffee filter, cup and cake. I like mine best with little to no sweetening and lots of soy milk :)

//EDIT: i just tried a cup of chicory coffee with hazelnut milk instead of soy and oh man, it's just so much better!!


I haven't been sledding in ages! Must have been 10 years (or even more?) since i last went for a sleigh ride. As you can imagine, it was pretty funny and nostalgic, i felt like a child and we had lots of laughs sweeping down the hill and running up again, with cherry cheeks and snow on our coats - in fact, it was quite hilarious because at one point i totally fell on my face when my sleigh toppled over (it's my dad's old sleigh, so around 40 years old!!) and i was thrown off into the snow. Yeah, i'm a pro.

My boyfriend was kind enough to film me with his phone during this incident. Yaay. Unfortunately it's pretty small, but i don't really know how to change that... Anyway, hope it makes you smile :)


Last but not least, i spent my days repairing some of my clothes, while listening to a number of audio book and drinking chicory coffee :) I sewed on a few buttons, took up and whip-stitched a black body-con party dress, and custom-tailored the harem pants I got for Christmas from my boyfriend's mum. 

I rarely ever wear pants (only skirts, dresses and shorts), and I've always been a bit sceptical about those hippie Aladdin pants because I find most of them unflattering and strange, but I really liked the colour and pattern of these particular pants, so I decided to tailor them into a pair of smaller, narrower, more fitting pants. 

So i took off the baggy "elephant ears" on both sides of the pant legs and spent a couple of nerve wrecking hours sewing everything together until it fitted. They're a bit tighter and more fitting, but still nicely loose and just comfortable. Kind of like pyjama pants. 

Have a fun, productive, yummy month!


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