November Essentials /15

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Hey guys, it's me.

Last Wednesday turned into a pretty shitty day. A group of my girls at uni had a massive intervention about an issue we were having among our group that caused me to have anxiety -.- we sort of reconciled but I felt really shaky afterwards and wasn't hungry even though I hadn't eaten anything that night - but then my boyfriend comforted me and made me eat some of the vegan gluten-free polenta pizza he had made. That calmed me down a bit. Pizza makes everything better. Right?

Also, yesterday was our monthly Saturday seminar, but instead of going there in a negative, irritated mood I went there with the mindset that I'm the one in control of my stress levels. So I took it easy. Enjoyed the almost empty streets on my way to uni, and did my best to sit back and relax.

Mini Friend

Yeah, a minion. It's not any minion though - it's my little fella, Footsie, that my boyfriend and my room mates won at the fun fair the other night - and now it's MINE! Muhahaha! Well, yeah. This little guy has been keeping me company at breakfast. By the way, the reason why i named him Footsie is because of his tiny little feet which are the most adorable thing about him if you ask me!

Apart from Footsie's little feet, i've also become slightly obsessed with grapes on my oatmeal lately, trying out new patterns every time, haha! On most misty mornings it's chia cinnamon pear porridge with a layer of grapes and quinoa pops - and my buddy Footsie by my side of course, while i'm reading texts for my lecture that day (mostly film theory + popular culture).


Sickness Food

My anxiety from the nasty intervention / fight has been topped with a slight cold and a slight tonsillitis that I'm treating with sage, chamomile and Irish moss. My throat is sour and hurts whenever I swallow, but I gotta fight the sickness! Only 3 weeks to survive, then I'll be in summery South Africa :)

Also, have to give two presentations in class this month, and I'm frickin nervous (hate oral presentations, I'm way better at writing). But it's gonna be okay.  

Left: To calm my nerves, I made myself a comforting bowl of oatmeal (oats, water, soymilk, cinnamon) with fresh fruits and a good book.

Centre: No oatmeal that day, but instead a huge mug of chamomile tea, sage drops, an apple, steamed broccoli, homemade Indian flatbread and a good book.

Right: Ginger chocolate porridge with kiwi, banana, an apple & peppermint tea. I'm kind of addicted to juicy, crisp apples right now, haha!

This is why i love fall.

Autumn Outfit

Celebrating my favourite season, i threw together a casual Autumn Outfit, consisting of a khaki green parka over a black dress, ox-blood red tights, black riding boots and black socks, black wristlets, my black messenger bag, bronze feather earrings, a key necklace and a long golden necklace featuring a fragile leaf skeleton that perfectly matches the turning-golden autumn leaves.

Halloween Outfit

As you can tell from looking at my blog, i like Alice in Wonderland. So it wasn't far to seek that my Halloween costume for this year would be Alice in Wonderland. There are many interpretations and variations of her outfit - for my own version of the costume I decided to go with something that combined the classic aspects or Alice's outfit with a more modern take on fashion.

Full DIY Alice Costume post over here. 

Brand-new Blog Header

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, you probably noticed my new blog header which was originally a doodle i did last year or so, just for fun, on a used envelope. But then i thought: why not turn this into a banner for my blog? It matches my "Alice" theme and personalizes my blog - AND i'm kinda proud of the outcome after putting the pieces like a mosaic with photoshop (ever since i can't grow tired of looking at my blog just to see the header, lol)

Hugs and kisses and bananas ~


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