Get Healthy With Me 04

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Hey guys -
it's time for my new series on the blog, Get Healthy With Me. Last time i talked about the first results on my journey to get fit and healthy. But what if the progress doesn't continue? Or even worse: declines? So in Episode 04: Loving yourself i want to talk about loving yourself, no matter what.

The first step is to reflect on how important it is to love yourself - because otherwise you will feel miserable and get depressed eventually from constantly hating on yourself. For a very long time I felt the same, couldn't really stand myself, wasn't able to find a boyfriend (or commit to one), was struggling with my eating disorder, constantly doubting myself and stressing out over grades, how I looked, how I wasn't good enough. 

But that has changed!

Ever since being/coming at peace with myself (that took a whole lot of work), new opportunities have been practically flying at me from every direction, and even though I still have my obstacles and challenges every now and then, I know that I AM good enough and that I will always have my best and oldest friend with me, and that is myself :)

So the next step is to love your body for what it is. Because it won't change overnight, and even if it does change, you will still not be happy with yourself because it is not actually your physical appearance that causes your insecurity, but your (lack of) self-confidence, which is primarily a mental state.

This for example is my body. It's the way it is right now, not better, not worse. Wear it with pride! And with care. It's the one thing that carries you through your entire life.

Especially when it comes to "getting healthy" and working out, it's important to remember that this is not supposed to be some sort of a torture. Please don't beat yourself up. Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend or your partner

For example, i love going on walks such as this misty morning walk which ended in an encounter with four beautiful deer dashing through the undergrowth :) A little magical moment. Jogging would be more efficient, would burn more calories etc, but i don't like jogging, so why would i do it? Instead, i do what i enjoy, what feels good.

Of course, sometimes you have to kick yourself in the butt a little bit, especially as someone who is just starting to build up an exercise routine, but it shouldn't go as far as forcing yourself to something uncomfortable. Instead, find out a way to enjoy moving your body! May that be walking, swimming, hiking or home gymnastics. And don't compare yourself with others. Whatever "others" do is not your business. Be self-centred for once. Concentrate on yourself and listen to your needs! Love yourself, fully and non-narcissistically ;)

What I Ate:

sweet potato lentil chili // curry chickpea sweet potato soup with rice

squash lentil soup // lentil tofu with salad and rice

rice pasta with salad // potato zucchini fritters

rice casserole with beans and veggies // carrot fries with cornbread and salad

vegetable chili with cornbread

potato leek gratin

vegetable lo mein

chickpea "meatballs" // potato cauliflower curry with lentils

zucchini mexicana with rice // Jamaican stir-fry with plantains

stuffed zucchini with millet // rice pasta with lentil bolognese

broccoli cream soup with Indian flat bread

polenta pizza // potato salad

pasta salad with chickpeas and pickles // purple cabbage with lentils and potatoes

vegetable stir-fry with rice // potato spinach patties with salad

zucchini muffins with salad

blueberry buckwheat oat pancakes

That's pretty much what i ate over the last couple of weeks, following a 21 day food plan which consists of sugar-free, low-fat, vegan & gluten-free meals. And i've been loving it! I've been less hungry, less craving sugary things (actually haven't had a single chocolate craving - not even on my period!), and i've become a little leaner over time. 

The best thing however was that i felt satisfied after eating, and even though i ate quite a lot and didn't bother how much and at what time i was eating, i never felt uncomfortably full or bloated. Such a great, relieving feeling!

The Progress:

There will not be a progress picture today because it's like i said: love your body the way it is now. Don't compare it to what it was or what it could/should be like.

Good luck!


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