Becoming Alice for Halloween [DIY Costume]

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»We're all mad here.«

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This DIY Alice in Wonderland costume is a) easy to make, b) cheap / efficient, and c) very adjustable. I hope this helps you to create your own Alice costume!

If you are familiar with my Day Zero Project, you might know that task 90 requires to "Dress up as Alice in Wonderland". So that's what i did this Halloween!

As you can tell from looking at my blog name and header, i like Alice in Wonderland. A lot. The main reason for that is the fact that Alice, following her intuition rather than her ratio, makes her way into her own dreams, her wonderland, growing, shrinking, changing, and eventually gather up enough strength to step up for herself. That, and the celebration of craziness and imagination, as well as the playing with language, is what i love about the books.

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland met a huge fandom, and the story and characters have been referenced and interpreted in countless movies, books, cosplays and video games. Here, for example, are the three different copies of the book that i own and which inspired me to come up with my own version of Alice:

The first book shows Alice in her "original" form, as drawn by illustrator Sir John Tenniel, blonde, with a blue, knee-length puffed sleeve dress, a pinafore, striped stockings, and black ankle-strap shoes. The second book features an Alice more loosely based on the original, blonde, with a patterned, partly blue dress and a blue ribbon in her braided hair. The third book is a graphic novel, and introduces a very modern interpretation of Alice, with black hair, a black dress, a white pinafore, black and white striped tights and black shoes. She seems to be a little more gothic/emo inspired. 

So for my own version i decided to go with something that combined the classic aspects of Alice's outfit with a more modern take on fashion. Here's what i came up with:

You need:
- baby blue dress (preferably short-sleeved)
- white apron
- tights (preferably black & white striped)
- black strapped shoes (preferably Mary Janes)
- black headband with a ribbon

- optional accessories: rabbit, cat, pack of cards, pocket watch, key necklace etc.
- a batch of muffins saying "eat me" or a bottle labelled "drink me" would be great as well!
- oh and blond hair wouldn't hurt either - but as you could see with the graphic novel, dark hair works well, too (or perhaps even a dark Alice for Halloween...)

As you can see, an Alice costume doesn't have to be fancy at all! I chose a baby blue dress which i could also wear in everyday life (as i am not a fan of spending heaps of money on things i will only wear once or twice), shoes and tights that are also wearable on a daily basis, a thrifted white apron, a plush toy rabbit, and a black headband with a small ribbon which i'll also be able to wear with a casual outfit. Oh and i also drew a little red heart onto my cheek, referencing the Queen of Hearts.

The following pictures are the result of the most time-consuming and elaborate outfit shooting i did so far, with different locations and props that are supposed to match the Alice theme, from mushrooms to mirrors to a deck of cards that i scattered around me (and had to pick up afterwards, sigh), and i hope you will be able to tell the love and effort me and my very patient boyfriend put into these photos :)

Now follow me into the riddle-rich world of Alice in Wonderland...

    »Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?«
»That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,« said the Cat.
»I don't much care where -« said Alice.
»Then it doesn't matter which way you go,« said the Cat.
»- so long as I get SOMEWHERE,« Alice added as an explanation.
»Oh, you're sure to do that,« said the Cat, »if you only walk long enough.« 

Happy Halloween!

I'm super happy to be featured over at Purfylle in their fall/Halloween round-up! :)


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