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Hello friend,

if you have seen my Day Zero Project updates, you will know that i have challenged myself with 101 tasks to fulfil within 1001 days, one of these tasks being to "paint one wall or door an outrageous colour". So since our kitchen and hallway had to be renovated due to the kitchen fire a few months ago, we had some left over turquoise paint, and since i've been on a turquoise kick lately, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally paint my wall an "outrageous" colour.

//EDIT: I just replaced the former entry photo with a brand new one featuring the beautiful old world map my mom just bequeathed to me - i absolutely love it, and it perfectly matches my new wall colour!//

The main reason for this renovation is that the former wall colour (blue) was not chosen by me, but by my ex-boyfriend, and since we have long since separated and are not attached to each other any more, i wanted to change the colour of the wall in order to make the wall my own, you know?

Also, i think turquoise is brighter and more vivid than the blue. And it's just a great, satisfying feeling do get physically active and achieve something like successfully painting a wall. Yeah, i'm a little proud of myself, hehe.

The Preparations:

To be honest, this was my first time renovating all by myself (before i had only helped others, or did it with the help of others), so i actually used these instructions on How to Paint a Wall as a rough guidance, but shhh..

1) First, i vacuumed the ceiling and

2) Covered and moved my furniture out of the way. Also covered the floor of course.

3) Then i taped the edges and 

4) Started painting over the old blue paint, painting away from the tape and rolling the paint onto the wall using a "W" or "M" shape, more or less.

5) Let it dry.

The taping took me half an hour, the painting process three hours, including a short cookie break. Afterwards my arms, hands, and tummy were hurting like hell from all the pressure i put on the paint roller! But like i said - it's a good, satisfying kind of pain. And the result was worth the sweat and pain. And the paint-splattered arms and legs, of course.

What kept me motivated:

The Result:

So this is my new wall. Bright turquoise. I'm happy :)

Lots of love
and good luck!


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