[OUTFIT] Autumn Colours

reading time: ca. 2 min

Autumn is such a beautiful time. The leaves are turning yellow, red and rusty brown, ready to fall and scatter. I love the turn of the seasons, there's something thrilling and wonderful about the year in transition. It gives me a frisson of excitement and makes me want to be writing, or reading, or snuggle up in my favourite hoodie or sweater. 

For me, fall essentials include tea (especially Chai tea), pumpkin soup (basically anything with pumpkin), tights (especially earthy coloured ones such as dark red, dark purple, brown or grey), boots (with fluffy socks inside), listening to audio books (Harry Potter - für meine deutschen Leser: kennt ihr Gabriel Burns? Ein super gruseliges, verwirrendes, aber sehr spannendes Hörspiel!) and watching movies in bed with Mr Fox (my boyfriend). Oh and a good book of course, such as Under Wildwood.

My clothing style has not much to do with fashion and trendiness. But whatever. For my outfit i wore a khaki green parka over a black dress, ox-blood red tights, black ridings boots and black socks, black wristlets, my black messenger bag that has the perfect size and shape for university which started this week, bronze feather earrings, a key necklace and a long golden necklace featuring a fragile leaf skeleton which obviously matches the turning-golden autumn leaves perfectly.

OKAY. So. First of all, i never wear any pants, except for yoga leggings and sometimes shorts. I prefer skirts and dresses, either with bare legs or with translucent / black tights. I've never ever worn such coloured tights before because i'm very conscious of my legs and overall body shape (read more about my prolonged eating disorder past here), and even now i don't feel especially comfortable being photographed in full size. It's not devastating any more, but you know. 

I'm still insecure when it comes to how my body has changed during recovery, so this photo shoot and me getting used to wear colourful (red, light purple, dark purple) tights was quite a challenge. But i managed it, and it wasn't so bad after all. I am starting to get more comfortable with it. And after years of restriction, i'm living abundance! (such as the stack of pancakes i devoured with Mr Fox and my flatmates before doing this shoot, yum!)

But back to the outfit -

Parka: H&M (thrifted)
Dress: Zero (thrifted)
Tights: Falke
Boots: Pfiff
Leaf necklace: Bijou Brigitte
Key necklace: DIY
Bag: ? something Italian

After the shoot we, Mr Fox and I, went to check on the little tree we planted on Earth Day back in April. I'm not sure you can tell from the pictures, but it has grown quite a bit since then! When we planted the little thing, we weren't sure if it would grow up to be a beech or a hazel, but looking at the big round leaves it has developed in the meantime, i'm guessing it's a beech! It's still named Hazel though :D

A big blackberry bramble grows next to our tree baby, so we picked some sweet blackberries in the golden sun, regretting only that we had forgotten to bring our kite because the wind was perfect. But oh well. Next time. 

By the way, we also came across a bunny and a little hedgehog!! I actually squeaked when i saw the hedgehog at the side of the road and immediately hit the breaks of my bike to watch him scramble clumsily into the undergrowth of a front garden. Didn't take a photo of him though because i wanted to enjoy the experience and didn't want to disturb the little guy.