October Essentials /15

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Guys, i've been so productive last month! I painted walls, wrote letters, experimented with painting china ware, did yoga every other day, worked on my novel projects... That is, before uni started this week, lol. Below you will find 5 things that have been essential to me this month. 

Today's agenda: jewellery, wall painting, gym pants, cookies.

YES bracelet

This is my beloved rose-gold YES bracelet which i got from etsy two years or so ago (unfortunately out of stock! similar yes bracelets can be found here and here). I originally ordered this inspired by Zoella on Youtube, who suffers from anxiety (like i used to do for a couple of years), and like Zoe i bought the bracelet to motivate and encourage myself to say YES to scary situations, adventures, offers, opportunities, and also to myself, instead of giving into anxiety and hiding in my little shell.

After i had overcome my eating disorder (you can read more on that here), i slowly stopped wearing the bracelet because it reminded me of all the struggles i underwent during that time. However, i have started to wear it again, now that i am stable enough to cope with these memories without having to fear a relapse, and i've come to appreciate the strength of my mind and body that this bracelet symbolizes.

Don't be scared to take the leap. Don't hold yourself back. Say yes! To yourself, to others, to life. But also learn to say no when you are stretched to your limits. Don't let others force anything on you. YOU are the one responsible for your decisions! And you have the power to change yourself, overcome struggles and obstacles.

New walls, blue walls

Next up: blue walls. Well, actually turquoise walls. And apparently the same shade as the packaging of my YES bracelet. Anyway. 

This was part of my Day Zero Project and also a necessary part of making this room my own, as the former choice of colour was my ex-boyfriend's, not mine. Now it's mine and i'm super happy with it :) It's just a great, satisfying feeling do get physically active and achieve something like successfully painting a wall. Yeah, i'm a little proud of myself, hehe.

First, i vacuumed the ceiling and moved my furniture out of the way. Then i taped the edges and started painting over the old blue paint. The taping took me half an hour, the painting process three hours, including a short cookie break. Afterwards my arms, hands, and tummy were hurting like hell from all the pressure i put on the paint roller! But like i said - it's a good, satisfying kind of pain. And the result was worth the sweat and pain.

Such a nice bright colour! What do you think?
There will be a separate blog post on that in the future though.

Gym Pants (long & short)

I seem to be on a turquoises kick right now, lol. I feel like turquoise has become the "cool" equivalent to hot pink (which is too girly for some people). My favourite colour is cornflower blue, but what i love about turquoise is that it's bright and upbeat and it lifts your mood, at least mine, so it's the perfect motivational gym outfit colour, don't you think?

Anyway. So these are the gym shorts i got myself (excuse the wrinkles). No-name brand, cheap, and the design isn't exactly to die for, but it's alright, and it's turquoise, so...

Also, i got some long gym pants too!

Okay, this turquoise thing is not my fault, alright? I got these yoga leggings as a gift from my friends for my birthday, and they were the ones that chose the design and colour, not me! Totally fits with my current obsession though, haha! Since i am doing a yoga course this semester, they are just in time, and i'm already in love with them. So comfortable!

Also, don't mind my unathletic birkenstock-type house shoes, lol. They make me look like an old Asian lady (no offence), but i don't mind at all. In fact, as you might know if you have been following me for a while, i actually love Asian culture, and if i could, i would choose to grow up in a rural Asian area. But oh well. Chunky birkenstocks it is.

Kids Cookies

Yep, you read right. I love me some kids cookies. 

The ones i get most of the time - the same ones i ate in my painting break - are "muesli cookies" (made of spelt, oats, raisins, banana flakes, apple flour, cornstarch and other ingredients) in the shape of vehicles. However i recently discovered the "spelt cookies" from the same brand (made of spelt, agave, honey, oats, shredded coconut, cornstarch, cinnamon, vanilla and other ingredients) and my favourites so far, "kids spelt cookies" (made of spelt, honey, oats, shredded coconut, orange oil, cinnamon, vanilla and other ingredients). 

One reason why i love them so much is that they are healthier than most adult cookies. Also, they're usually cheap too.

The best and only way to eat animals. As cookies! 

Also, as you probably read on several vegan accounts already, COWSPIRACY is available on Netflix now, so go watch it!! Kay thanks bye.

Have a productive day!


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