Get Healthy With Me 03

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Hey guys -
it's time for my new series on the blog, which i named Get Healthy With Me. Today i present to you Episode 03: First Results

I'm not looking for quick results - because the longer the process takes, the longer the results will last -, but it's actually funny how fast you will see your progress, and how motivated you will be to keep going! And it's fascinating that the more consistent you are with your exercise, the more loose you can be with your diet. For example, my belly is noticeably leaner now that i'm doing regular morning exercises as opposed to before that.

Also, if the word GYM freaks you out, don't panic. You don't need to spend money in order to get fit and healthy. You don't have to pay monthly gym memberships or crazy program fees. I have never (!) stepped foot in a gym, and i'm not planning to do so. Instead, i prefer home workouts, yoga, pilates, walking, hiking and body weight exercises. All you need is your body, a pair of shoes and your mat! oh and of course cool workout leggings such as the crazy turquoise patterned one below that i got for my birthday, or the turquoise shorts that i'm wearing in the pictures at the end of the post, haha!

What I Did:
At the end of October i signed up for a Hatha yoga class at university, and so far i'm loving it! I'm also loving my new yoga leggings which are super comfortable, even though it's quite a challenge for me to wear something that extravagant :)

So yeah, i'm doing a 2 hour yoga session every Wednesday, and i ride my bike for 40 mins every day, that's pretty much all i do. I really wish i had a mountain near me to go hiking every now and then! But either way i'm moving my body, and i feel good!

What I Ate:

Also starting at the end of October, i followed a vegan, gluten-free, whole food 21 Day Food Plan which features 45 fat-free, sugar-free recipes (only in German though - a review on that will follow next week, only in German though too!) which was perfect for a kind of "spring cleaning" but in autumn - i don't want to call this a detox because i feel like people think of detoxes as something they do for a short while only to return to their usual, unhealthy lifestyle afterwards. I don't want to do that. I want to continue with this low-fat, low-sugar (!) lifestyle because it is filling, satisfying and helps me to overcome my cravings, which are basically sugar addiction and emotional linking to food for comfort.

Here are some of the meals i ate during the past weeks:

breakfast ↠ juicy sweet mango + steamed peas (also, having a weird obsession with the green bamboo bowl matching the peas)

breakfast ↠ oat chia porridge with a spoonful of nut butter and nuts on top.

breakfast ↠ Zoats (zucchini oatmeal) with pear purée, fresh figs, raspberries and physalis.

breakfast ↠ wheatgrass porridge with peanuts and chocolate.

breakfast / dessert ↠ chocolate mint nicecream

breakfast ↠ pear porridge with banana, hazelnuts and fresh blueberries.

breakfast ↠ microwave-cooked porridge in cacao + soymilk + 1 mashed banana, topped with fresh plum, mango & raspberries.

lunch ↠ oven-roasted vegetables.

lunch ↠ potatoes with vegetables.

dinner ↠ millet salad (millet, corn, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, peanuts)

dinner ↠ mixed salad, basmati rice and lentil tofu (recipe from the food plan)

dinner ↠ sweet potato chili sin carne with basmati rice.

 dinner basmati rice and peas with curry spread and peanut purée.

dinner ↠ lentil squash soup (recipe from the food plan)

dinner ↠ veggie soup.

dinner ↠ polenta pizza with corn meal dough, spicy tomato sauce and lotsa veggies (sweet corn, tomatoes, red bell pepper, artichoke, olives, onions, peas and salted roasted peanuts)

dessert ↠ pear cinnamon nicecream

 dessert nicecream with passion fruit and raspberries.

breakfast / lunch / dessert ↠ oat banana pancakes

breakfast / lunch / dessert ↠ oat banana pancakes with cashew butter, homemade chocolate sauce and fresh raspberries .

breakfast ↠ spelt pancakes with banana, apple and maple syrup.

The Progress:


I can see my little love handles slowly, slowly melt away and my tummy and shoulders get more toned :) Slow but steady. 

And the best thing: i feel much more comfortable in my skin! Especially since i picked up doing a yoga class once a week and since i followed the no-sugar, low-fat food plan!

Good luck!


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