September Essentials /15

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Hey guys - 
as I am typing this, I'm singing along to Freedom by Pharrell Williams and spooning away a totally overflowing bowl of nicecream. La-lala-la-lala-lala-la-la... mh! Yep I'm celebrating because i just handed in my last term paper, so I got one month worth of time for all my personal projects - so thrilled!!

So what am I gonna do with all my free time? Well, for one thing I will continue with my Day Zero Project (currently eyeballing numbers 12, 24, 34, 37, 46, 47, 74, 80, 82, 83... there are so many possibilities! but let's see how far i'll actually get... //EDIT: actually managed to tick off all listed tasks except 46, 74, 80, 82 and 83!). 

Also: READ! Aah, i can't wait to get my hands on some new book pages! (currently diving deep into Wildwood by Colin Meloy, finally!!) And in the rest of my free time I will meet up with friends, family and do my tutoring job. 

But right now I just need to relax and wallow in my success of finally finishing these term paper beasts!

Chocolate, candles and red roses

Boyfriend surprise for our monthly anniversary :) aah, so lovely! I love fresh flowers so much! And chocolate of course! And flickering candles... The raw "Dirty Blondies" in the front are my creation though. (click link for the recipe)

Speaking of chocolate, i've been a massive chocolate junkie lately. I think i've eaten more chocolate last month than in the last 3 years combined, haha! Oh well. 

One great (but dangerously tempting) chocolate i discovered is this dark chocolate (see below) that is sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sweetener that may inhibit cavities by denying plaque bacteria the fuel (sugar). My doctor, who advised me not to consume any sugar, said that this was the only sweetener i could take in without worries. Other alternative sweeteners such as raw cane sugar, agave syrup, rice syrup, maple syrup, stevia or even coconut blossom sugar are, according to him, not safe to eat since they trigger addictions. 

Well these chocolates definitely trigger an addiction.

just... lemme... grab that chocolate...
Apart from awesome sugar free chocolate, i have gone crazy on these bars from the German vegan chocolate brand iChoc. The flavours i've tried so far are White Vanilla, White Nougat Crisp, Choco Cookie, Almond Orange and Classic. I haven't seen any other flavours in my local health food store, but if there are, tell me. I need to try them!

Strawberries n Nutella? sort of...

Mhhh breakfast... Chocolate mint ice cream with maca, cinnamon and fresh strawberries. (can you spot me in the spoon? hehe) Also, this is kind of random but this breakfast makes me think of the video that Emma Watson made on her 18th birthday (it's HERE on YouTube) where she holds up a bowl and says: "I've just had my breakfast - strawberries and Nutella". She was my favourite public person at that time (and still is today actually, along with Emma Stone) and I remember thinking "maan I wish I could have that for breakfast and still look like her!!" Well guess what! I can! See? :) sort of...

My favourite. Plain chocolate mint nicecream. So frickin good.

Now - after finishing and handing in all of my term papers last week, i think i deserve some pampering! Below is a candle lit bubble bath i took. I LOVE my shampoo from Lush (can't read the label any more but something with toffee) and that shower gel from The Body Shop (cranberry joy), smells soo good!


There's nothing better than stretching your legs in the bathtub, breath in the scented steam, and let the warm water lap around your body... then afterwards, i wrap myself up in my bathrobe, cosy up on the bed and read a few pages. Reading is also a major factor of my personal chill out time, as well as drinking tea (seriously), drawing, working on my blog, and listening to music.

Cat Cam

And nothing better than waking up to sunshine and a cat!

This little fella is Tiggy, the cat that i watched during my housesitting job. She's very old (i think 16 years?) and meows all day long because she can't hear herself that well any more, but even though i'm honestly more of a dog person, she really grew on me and i was quite sad to leave her behind when my housesitting job was over :)

Have a happy day!


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