Get Healthy With Me 02

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Hey guys -
it's time for my new series on the blog, which i named Get Healthy With Me. Today i present to you Episode 02: Starting Slow

Episode 01 was dedicated to finding my fitness goal and motivation to start a basic fitness routine; this episode will focus on how to actually START.

The easiest way to start is to set yourself an exact date and time in your calender (not next January after your New Year's resolutions but TODAY or tomorrow or on Monday or whenever). This makes it easier to adhere to your plan. Also, perhaps download an app or subscribe to a youtube channel that will help you to guide you through your workout, if this helps you! For example, whenever i do Yoga i will play a video by Yoga With Adriene, even if i know that particular video by heart already, because it structures and organizes my workout - otherwise i would just make a few poses and call it a day. Because let's face it. When it comes to sport, everyone's lazy. But as soon as you start, i promise you, it will be fun and you'll actually enjoy yourself and feel super good afterwards!

Some days it is easy, other days it's not. I don't exercise every day, but I try to be active and make healthy food choices. Like i said in the previous episode - consistency is key.

> Exercise improves not only your physical, but also your mental and emotional state. Check out this infographic of 16 Ways Exercise Makes You Happier that i stumbled upon just recently! <

Another key point is to find the right activity. For me at the moment, I've started a fitness routine which consists of consistency mainly. I don't spend hours and hours at the gym, i don't even set a foot in the gym, but instead i move my body every single day, consistently. And whenever i get the chance to move all day long, for hours and hours without feeling strained, i will do that. For example, on my last vacation i spent most days walking around, hiking, climbing and a little bit of mountain biking out in the beautiful nature. 

Since i don't live near the mountains or at the edge of a forest, i have to make the best of the city life that i'm leading. So yesterday i signed up for a pilates-influenced weekly Yoga course at my university which will start in a month. 

Until then, my personal fitness program consists of 5 days of workout. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays i do a yummy Yoga session at home in the mornings (either Arms & Abs or Hips & Hammies or Energizing Morning Sequence or Strengthen & Lenghten or sometimes Yoga for Weight Loss), only around 30, 45 or 60 minutes each. In order to avoid getting bored and staying motivated, i will alternate those sessions. I also respect my body's regeneration time, meaning that i will do only a gentle morning sequence or yoga for cramps and PMS when i'm on my period or simply too exhausted to move a single limb. On Tuesdays and Thursdays i don't do Yoga but go for a nice 1-hour-long walk instead. This is such a great way to start your day because it gets your juices flowing - also your creative juices! The rest of the time i always go on foot or by bike, and i never use elevators nor escalators, so i get a high amount of moderate exercise all the time!

A list of other activities you might enjoy can be found in the previous episode. The trick is to find something that you enjoy so much you are willing to do it several times a week and stick to it long-term

Therefore: Start slow. Don't overdo it. And choose workouts that will make you sweat and get your heart-rate up without completely straining you.

What I Ate:

breakfast ↠ millet with super ripe banana, blueberry soy yoghurt, crunchy peanut butter and cinnamon.

dinner ↠ millet with vegan soy tomato carrot bolognese.

breakfast ↠ oats cooked with banana and water with coconut soy yoghurt, vegan chocolate sauce, quinoa pops and cinnamon. 

dinner ↠ rice with vegan soy tomato carrot zucchini bolognese and trail mix.

breakfast ↠ oats with blueberry soy yoghurt, banana, quinoa pops and crunchy peanut butter.

birthday buffet of my boyfriend's cousin ↠ Sushi, sushi, sushi, hummus, more hummus, quinoa salad and guacamole. Everything home-made and vegan!

As you all know, i eat vegan and gluten-free (except for the occasional oats and spelt), high carb and low fat. Of course there are still loads of vegan junk food options out there, such as chocolate, ice cream, cake, brownies, pancakes, cookies and candy, but i try to stay away from that by filling my body with high carb low fat foods such as rice, potato, millet, quinoa and porridge. I will have a spoonfull of nut butter every now and then, but except for that i avoid fats and focus on whole carbs and vegetables. And whenever i am craving dessert, i will usually make my own (such as the linked recipes) with ingredients i can actually pronounce and that are high-quality.

Great, now i've made myself hungry with these pictures :D

Off to eat lunch... see you!


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