Travel Diary | Ehrwald, Austria

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Guys, i was on holidays again. As i already announced in my Travel Diary: Prague, i spent a week in Austria - not in Vienna with my friends unfortunately (that will be made good for later), but in a picturesque town called Ehrwald in Tyrol, western Austria. 

Ehrwald lies at the southern base of the Zugspitze (around 2950 meters above sea level), Germany's highest mountain, which we went to on our third day in Austria. This must have been the most active, sporty vacation i've ever been on! Hiking, mountain biking, climbing, swimming, jumping on trampolines and what not.

By the way, the picture above was taken at the Zugspitze at the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains. And just a heads-up: the following photos mainly consist of mountains, woods, alpine pastures, animals and lakes. Landscape porn, so to say. Lean back and enjoy :)

Day 1: arrival. 

Day 2: a 6 hour hike up the mountains through alpine pastures.

Day 3: taking a trip up the Zugspitze (we didn't hike up all the way to the top, we took the cable car, but we did hike/climb up to the summit cross on the top of Zugspitze! see below... i almost peed my pants, bahaha!)

Day 4: adventure day! we spent the day on the summer toboggan run, raced down some slopes on giant mountain scooters or something, hiked some more and "relaxed" on a trampoline and a swing.

Day 5: the most intense hiking route ever! we hiked up, rounded and hiked down the mountain "Tajakopf" (around 2400 meters above sea level), 22 kilometers altogether.

Day 6: the most intense (and first) mountain bike tour i ever made! we drove round the mountain "Daniel", passing several beautiful lakes, and covered a distance of 50 kilometers uphill / downhill!

Day 7: departure.


The coolest thing ever! Cows and horses (and sometimes sheep and goats too) walk around grazing on the alpine pastures - unfenced!

I just love animals so much, I can't pass a single one without going over to them and touching/stroking/talking to them :)

Of course, my key-chain kangaroo Hopsie was in on it too!

Come to me, pretty babes! Yep, the horses are directly in front of me on the meadow, with no fence separating us!

For some reason these shots of the horsie up there make me laugh every time! It's actually the same one as in the picture above, but the perspective makes it look so out of proportion and just weird :D

When the last rays of the sinking sun hit the top of the mountains and evoke a rosy-golden glow, it's called "alpenglow". So beautiful.

View from the Zugspitze at 2,962 m (9,718 ft) above sea level.

The summit cross on the top of the Zugspitze. I climbed up there too (the one in the red jacket), and as you can see i almost peed my pants at that hight, haha! Was a great feeling to be up there though.

The giant mountain scooter thingies we raced down a mountain with.

Found a swing!

Yep, i'm a child :D

Nothing like nature to make me happy. (okay maybe sex or ice cream, but you get the picture)

Look what we found! Some alpacas chillin' on the meadow. The one to the right's got some impressive muttonchops, right?

Now, the following pictures were taken on our monster tour up, round and down the Tajakopf.

It's like a desert up there. Barren slopes, slip rocks, and blazing sun.

oh my god, such a monster hiking tour. We walked 33,000 steps (22 kilometers), mostly uphill, that day! So frickin tired afterwards. But a beautiful view from up in the mountains.

The "oasis" that awaited us halfway of our monster hiking tour. Gorgeous turquoise mountain lakes and a tavern.

This, by the way, was the view that awaited us at the end of our 50km uphill / downhill mountain bike tour the next day. My bum hurt, but this was freakin gorgeous.

After the mountain bike tour, which was rewarded with a batch of vegan banana and apple ice cream, i made a chalk mural in the driveway of our holiday apartment. It was so nice to just let go of everything and let my creativity flow...

That was a sh'tload of pictures to take in, so i will leave you with just a few words: 


Also, watch your step, travel safely and take care ~


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