Maisy ❤ July 2015

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Man, i still can't really believe that the ice cream crazy month is over... now back to writing term papers, yay... But first - my monthly media "favourites".

Read: The Dragon with Red Eyes (Astrid Lindgren / Ilon Wikland, 1987)

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This is a story about a sister and a brother and a dragon with red eyes that one day turns up in their pig pen. 

My boyfriend read this story to me because it used to be his favourite book as a child, and it is really one of the best ones I've run across in my whole live. If nothing else, it is definitely the most unexpected, and it actually shook me up and I didn't want it to end that way. Astrid Lindgren is probably the most influential and popular author of children's books - she is even the one who wrote the novel Madita/Madicken, which is who i was named after :) 

Without giving away too much, The Dragon with Red Eyes has a sense of reality, even though the main character is a baby dragon. This little green guy is sooo cute, even though he has "evil" red eyes, just look at him! It is a uniquely charming heart-warming story, and the illustrations by Ilon Wikland are adorable and appealing. The story has a sad but acceptable and quite realistic ending that any child can relate to. Except for me. If I had been reading this as a child, I would have sobbed and complained. I'm 23 now, and i still complained.

Watched: Jurassic World (Colin Trevorrow, 2015)

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First off, I loved the very first Jurassic Park, and also liked Jurassic Park: The Lost World. The third one wasn't exactly great if you ask me, and neither was this sequel. So this time my review is not a recommendation, but rather a recommendation against.

The Plot: 
A new theme park is built on the original site of Jurassic Park. Everything is going well until the park's newest attraction - a genetically modified hybrid giant stealth killing machine - escapes containment and goes on a killing spree. 

Killing spree is the key word here.

If my description of the plot seems pretty simplistic, it's because the story is that simple. So forget the dangers of science morality tales that both Jurassic Park and The Lost World gave to its stories and just accept that the series has become a standard creature feature that just swaps out its main monster for every new instalment. It is so obvious that the film-makers were trying to create fear and gore here by creating more horrifying dinosaurs than the raptors, but honestly it didn't even work even though the monsters on the screen kept getting bigger and bigger. I'm a bit baffled at all the reviews that praise this film. Yes, it's better than Jurassic Park 3 and being a dino mega blockbuster with a run away super killer dinosaur it's really dumb fun, but dumb isn't really what I'm looking for in a movie, especially in a science fiction adventure movie. Perhaps it will make some feel nostalgic because it takes place on the same island as the first Jurassic Park, but honestly, this does not look like the same island. It has lost it's thrilling mysterious vibes, and instead of bringing back childhood memories, it presents cardboard cut outs as human characters, sexism, bad acting and an over indulgence of CGI. 

From what I remember from Steven Spielberg's original Jurassic Park, it had smart characters dealing with a moral dilemma about messing with the natural order of things and dealing with the consequences of their actions. And most importantly, what made the movie so thrilling and scary, it didn't throw the dinosaurs into your face. Instead, the tension in most scenes with the Velociraptors was mainly built up by not actually showing the raptors, but rather indicate them through noises and the horrified reactions of the actors.

Jurassic World however, only really has dumb characters running away from a monster bend on killing everyone in a amusement park. As a standard creature feature, the movie works well and gives you your money's worth of dinosaurs doing collateral damage to property and personnel with the occasional park visitor being killed for good measure. Throw in your slack jaw good guy (Chris Pratt) who feels that the creatures are misunderstood and works with good guy dinosaurs (I kid you not) to help stop the super killer dinosaur. Then throw in an human adversary for our hero to fight with (Vincent D'Onofrio) who would blow the whole island up to get this monster and add an human element like two lost children who are related to a employee (Bryce Dallas Howard) at this crazy theme park who by the way has the hots for our hero and you have the entire story right there.

The Acting:
Chris Pratt is playing his usual roguish frat boy self and it does give the movie one of it's few likeable characters (almost a bit like an Indiana Jones kind of guy), but he can't hold this movie by himself with with bad card board cuts outs as characters, some very bad acting and out of place sexist stereotypes of women (and also the pubertal behaviour of the older brother towards girls... so annoying and unnecessary!). Not to mention a script that is pretty flimsy and offers only pretty bad dialogue (the only cool scene that crosses my mind right now is the one where this one guy talks to a woman, and instead of nearly kissing and having a stupid heroic romantic moment - like Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard while they are being attacked by flying pterosaurs which are not dinosaurs by the way - they break out of the let's-kiss-facing-mortal-danger moment and instead just hug it out as friends). 

So yes, it's better than Jurassic Park 3, but no, it's not nostalgic, it's not thrilling and it's definitely not the sequel that Jurassic Park deserves. If this brings you back to your childhood, you really do have issues you need to deal with. If you go in believing the hype from talking points from publicist trying to sell this film to you as the second coming of the original Jurassic Park, you will be very disappointed. Go in with realistic expectations, or don't go in at all, or watch it at home with friends so you can all make fun of it, and you will be rewarded.

The Message:
Bigger, badder and oh, let's make Jurassic World 2 in 2018 because this one was not enough. Hurray. 

Maisy rates: 4.5/10

Listened toEin Paar Meter (Mono & Nikitaman)

This month my play list is -erm- slightly influenced by the 5 days we spent at the Reggae Jam Festival. Even though i didn't use to listen to Reggae on my own, the relaxed tunes are now connoted positively by the festival memories. We saw Mono & Nikitaman live on stage, while thunder, rain and lightning were blustering around us, and made for a very cool "light show". Ever since then, i've kind of become a fan of Mono & Nikitaman. Every single song by them rocks! I've marked my absolute favourites by them with a little heart.

Anyway. My play list:

Prayer in C by Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz
Animals by Martin Garrix
Nimm Mich Mit by Unzucht
Bis Ans Ende der Welt by Mono & Nikitaman (♡)
Das Alles by Mono & Nikitaman
Für Immer by Mono & Nikotaman
Solange die Sonne Scheint by Mono & Nikitaman
Karma by Mono & Nikitaman ft. Cecile
Zeit Steht Still by Mono & Nikitaman
Unter Freunden by Mono & Nikitaman (♡)
Wenn Sich Der Nebel Verzieht by Mono & Nikitaman ft. Gentleman
Fresse Halten Anders Machen by Mono & Nikitaman
Kann Ja Mal Passieren by Mono & Nikitaman
Montag Morgen by Mono & Nikitaman
Stell Dir Vor by Mono & Nikitaman
Superstar by Mono & Nikitaman
Ohgottohgott by Mono & Nikitaman
Außer Kontrolle by Mono & Nikitaman
Beweg Dich by Mono & Nikitaman
Schlag Alarm by Mono & Nikitaman
Bist Du Da? by Mono & Nikitaman (♡)
Rückkehr der Clowns by Mono & Nikitaman (♡)
Digge Digge by Mono & Nikitaman (♡)
Hols Dir by Mono & Nikitaman (♡)
Dezibel by Mono & Nikitaman (♡)


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