Get Healthy With Me 01

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Hey guys -
it's me. With one big-ass watermelon! 

Welcome to my new series: Get Healthy With Me. Episode 01: Motivating Myself.

Now, in my blog description it says: Lifestyle. Fitness. Food. DIY. Random Thoughts. Lifestyle? Check. DIY? Check. Food? Double check! Random Thoughts? Heck yeah! Fitness?... not so much. 

Of course, food and fitness are interconnected, since your body will automatically get in its ideal shape when you nourish it ideally (meaning: a plant-based, low-fat, well-balanced whole food diet), but i feel like this aspect of my blog has been neglected for much too long, not least because i kinda neglect it in "real life" too. 

What is my personal fitness routine?

Honestly, i don't have one. I aim to do yoga in the morning and sometimes i manage to stick to that for a solid two weeks or so, but lately i haven't really done that either. The only thing i do is move my body whenever i run errands, and every day i bike to university or my workplace. I love to do stretching, so i also enjoy some bed gymnastics in the evenings (hehe), but that's basically it.

And this is me with unstraightened hair, lime green sunnies, a cool arrow-patterned dress, my cross body bag and - some walking boots. Yep. That's me.
What is my fitness goal?

Fitness goal. That sounds so professional and determined. But hey, if you don't have a goal, what are go gonna aim at, right? 

As you can see, i'm in - let's say - average shape. I haven't done any of my yoga sessions in a while, i haven't been working out at all, i have been eating tons of carbs (mainly rice, potatoes and porridge, and also some grains such as spelt that i'm slowly introducing back into my diet despite my gluten-intolerance), and i think that in order to get healthy, you need to move. I am far from fat, but i strongly feel like getting more toned. It's just small things that i'd like to change. Even though my legs are quite muscular from all the walking and biking i do, my thighs jiggle, i've got some annoying "armpit fat", my belly could be way more lean, my cheeks are a bit chipmunk-y, and oh the boob growth (if you have had an eating disorder in the past and gained weight due to recovery, you will know those problems), that makes me quite conscious of my boobies and keeps me from going for a run for example.

Shed the weight!

I believe that food is medicine. Nutrients are meant to feed your cells, not your cravings. If you do have cravings, you're most probably lacking something (nutrients) or you're simply addicted to a certain type of food (yes, you can get addicted to sugar for example). This can happen easily if your food is based on sugar and fat. Instead, build it on vegetables, legumes, fruit and other plant-based carbs such as potatoes, rice and oats. Ideally low in sugar, salt and fat. That way you will be able to fuel your body, build up strength and in turn be able (and eager!) to get your body moving.

I also believe that illnesses are burdens that can be cast off once you are strong enough to cast them. In order to be strong, again, give your body what it needs. If you think of food as medicine, you will notice that it will be easier to feed yourself some steamed vegetables on rice or potatoes instead of stuffing your face with chocolate-drowned fatty pancakes that will make you feel bloated, greasy and stuffed afterwards (as least that's what i feel like).

Now enough talking about food - let's get active!

Move it, baby!

First step: lift a watermelon! (just kidding - though you could actually use heavy watermelons as weights!)

There are several ways to move your body. Personally, i'm not a fan of the very monotone environment of a fitness studio, which strikes me as quite repetitive and sometimes even competitive. Instead, i like to work out by my own. Here are some suggestions of different ways to work out on a regular basis:

- yoga
- pilates
- rope skipping
- kick-boxing
- jogging
- biking
- dancing
- pole-dancing
- lifting
- swimming
- bouldering
- hiking
- going for a walk
- jumping on a trampoline

Consistency is key here because just as you won't get skinny from eating 1 salad, you won't get fit from hitting the gym for 1 major sweaty session and never going back there again. So find something that you truly enjoy and that you will be able and wanting to do several times a week.

27 Mind-Blowing Inversions From Rockstar Yogis

YOGA is my personal long-term workout option. It's so relaxing and exhausting at the same time! And it reminds me that the most important moment of life is NOW and being calm and present through the storm is a vital part of enjoying life. It takes both strength and flexibility, as well as practice and patience to achieve a pose like this one.

ps: if i manage to be as fit and flexible as this Yogini up there one day, i will definitely consider my mission to get fit accomplished, haha!

Find your routine

For example, do yoga 2-3 times a week, one long run or biking tour on the weekend and every morning or evening do some stretching/pilates exercises for 10-15 minutes. That's it!

Stick to this simple workout routine, as well as to a simple, plant-based diet and you will soon see your body - and especially your mindset - change!

Starting with this blog entry, i will post updates about my Way-to-Health on a regular basis, say... every month or so. What i did, what i ate, which changes i could notice etc.

So i hope this helps and motivates you, and feel free to join me on my little serpentine path to long-term health and happiness :)

In the meantime: Keep calm and carry a watermelon!


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