August Essentials /15

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Hey guys - 
as i type this, i'm currently house-sitting and eating porridge for breakfast. As you read this, i'm already at the North Sea at my cousin's wedding, having a ball. Hopefully.

[UPDATE: even though the wedding was quite earnest and formal in the beginning, i did end up having a great time with my family, partner, good food and music! I know that nowadays weddings aren't mandatory any more, but the more weddings i go to, the more i feel that i will want to have a big bubbly wedding party some day. With a huge vegan & gluten-free wedding cake of course ;)]

House Sitting

I've always wanted to house-sit some time, and this time has come now! For the past week i have been living at a friend's house who was on vacation, and fed their cat and rabbits. I've always wanted to house-sit mainly because it's fascinating to see where and how other people live, what kind of food they keep in their fridge, how the house smells, how the bed feels... stuff like that (not to sound creepy, lol). Also, it's kind of like i'm on vacation too (even though i have to look after the house and pets, and work on my term papers). 

My days here look like this: I wake up when my boyfriend leaves for work, read in bed, drink a cup of tea, feed cat and bunnies, prepare porridge, do yoga (Sun Salutation), eat porridge, make more tea, work on my term papers, make lunch, work on my term papers, sit on the balcony soaking the sun or listening to the rain, work on my term papers a bit more, chill on the couch with the cat, feed the pets, make dinner with my boyfriend, work on my blog, read, maybe watch a film or do stuff, then go to bed.

I'm becoming a real housewife here, haha!

[How 'bout a new blog title: Becoming a Housewife :D]


Now you might have noticed that i'm not only a lover of ice cream and curry, but also of porridge. Warm, fluffy, slightly sweet porridge. As i explained in my June Essentials /15, i was advised by my Tibetan doctor to start my day with a bowl of warm oatmeal or rice, so that's what i'm doing. And since i do this almost every single day, i have to get creative. At least with the toppings for my oatmeal. 

Here are some that i've eaten this month:

↠ porridge made with oats and millet, cooked with water and cocoa powder, and topped with 1 banana, wild honey and crushed almonds & a peppermint tea.

↠ creamy porridge cooked with soy milk, water and banana, topped with more banana, fresh blueberries and hand-picked/-crushed hazelnuts & tea (cinnamon orange hops) that comes with a pearl of wisdom on its teabag: "From the unkind learn kindness."

↠ porridge cooked with water and banana, topped with more banana, crushed almonds, a blob of vanilla soy yoghurt and honey drizzle & another tea with pearl of wisdom: "Learn to trust yourself" - yes!

↠ porridge cooked with soy milk, banana and salted roasted peanuts, topped with plain soy yoghurt, blueberries, crushed almonds and cinnamon & a sweet peppermint tea for breakfast.

↠ porridge cooked with soy milk and banana, topped with blueberries, salted roasted peanuts, soy yoghurt and cinnamon. I swear there's porridge underneath! :D oh and another wisdom tea. This time: "Live fully in every moment" !

Wedding Wear

Like i said, it's my cousin's wedding, and since at the last wedding i went to i wore the same knee-high royal blue satin cocktail dress that i had already worn to prom, it was definitely time for a new investment - because where else are you going to look stunning if not on a wedding? (ideally your own though, baha!) 

This one is the so called ASOS Triangle Bar Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress from Asos, maroon-coloured, with semi-sheer woven fabric, a deep v-neckline and a fitted band under the bust. I really like it, especially the strappy back, the rose-gold triangle hardware and the split at the left leg :) 

What do you think?

Have a sunny, food-filled Sunday, everybody!


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