Somewhere at the Sea pt. II + Somewhere in the Snow

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So... i dug around in my photo archives and came across these pictures that were taken in late December 2014 and early April 2015, when i made short weekend trips to the North Sea (December), and the Harz Mountains (April) where my boyfriend and I went hiking. And were surprised by snow.

So these pictures are not exactly up to date - it's the middle of summer and i'm posting winter photos -, but the landscape shots are just too beautiful not to share! 

Somewhere at the Sea pt. II


Just look at this light! Isn't it magical? If you are wondering where i'm standing in these pictures above - the tide is out and i'm walking around in the mudflat. As you can see, the shore itself is actually covered in ice. I've never been to a frozen shore! So cool. (pun intended)

Now onto an even more wintery scenery! This time in the Harz Mountains, four months later. 2 days of hiking up and down the mountains, trekking backpacks strapped on, and up to knee-deep in fresh white snow surrounded by trees shedding melting snow. If i close my eyes now, i can still hear the trickling...

Somewhere in the Snow


The snow that has been blown against the trees makes me think of skeletons or spines, don't you agree?

By the way, we didn't stop off at a hotel or something for the night, but walked until 10 pm or so at night until we reached this mountain hut where we unrolled our sleeping bags, crept into a winter hoodie and fell asleep with buzzing feet from the long day of walking and hiking.

As you can see, the hut was covered in and surrounded by snow, and the front wall was open, so we practically slept under the stars! Freezing cold, but beautiful!

Just look at this beautiful snowy forest landscape! The only thing that really bothered me was my knee. After a couple of hours on Day 1 it started to hurt, and in the end it hurt so badly that i had to cry and could barely move my legs. We eventually decided to skip Day 3 (which was actually planned) and went home one day earlier. So annoying!

I was never a "knee person", so this really upset me to be honest. My Tibetan doctor later diagnosed that my high raw diet was the reason for those knee issues which were apparently caused by the acid from my diet that settled down in the joints (and also from us climbing up the snowy, slippery mountain slopes). Luckily this could be successfully fixed by adjusting my diet!!

If you are wondering what we fed on over those two days up in the snowy mountains (at that time living on a high raw vegan diet), we packed 2 packs of dried dates, trail mix, some fruit bars, apples (which we ended up not eating because they were practically frozen, haha!), water, a camping stove and tea bags for hot tea, and also 2 loafs of bread: 1 loaf of banana bread and 1 loaf of walnut apple bread, both vegan and gluten-free (the recipes are finally on my blog, yay).

Of course we had to take the opportunity and build a snowman. Or rather a snowwoman / witch / pig thingy with boobies, haha! And of course we also had to goof around with it...

QUESTION: Where do you most like to go: the woods, the mountains or the sea? (hard to pick a favorite, but for me it would be the woods i think because they're home to me)

That's it for now. The End. (fade out to black)

Bye bye, travel save & take care!

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