Music Festival Must Haves

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Hey friends,

i went to the Reggae Jam Festival for 5 days last weekend, and even though i am definitely not a regular festival visitor, i have some advice to share for those of you who are planning to go to a festival or just camping in general. 

Personally i love to travel light and not be weighed down by all my worldly goods, but a muddy festival is already "uncomfortable" enough so you should see to all the comfort you can get! Believe me, at the end of the day you will be so grateful you brought that big snug sweater, that pair of nail scissors or those tea bags that will now warm your belly as a hot herbal tea.

- WATER bottles (!)
- mosquito repellent
- chewing gum
- baby wipes (wet wipes are soo nice if you don't have the chance to wash your hands properly)
- toilet paper (!)
- small cross body bag or fanny pack for essentials (such as money, ID, small water bottle etc.)
- coconut water (the best hangover cure and hydrating)
- floral headband (okay okay this is not a "basic", but it definitely increases your hippie-dippie festival vibe, and you can easily make your own ;)

- tent (& enough tent pegs!)
- sleeping bag
- sleeping mat
- pillow (it could also just be a rolled up towel)
- rain cape, umbrella

- worn in, comfortable shoes
- gum boots
- sandals or flip flops
- PJs
- underwear (additional pairs in case you get wet)
- dresses, skirts, shorts, shirts, pants...
- socks, tights
- bikini
- sunglasses
- a good, waterproof jacket
- sleep mask if necessary

Body Care
- deodorant 
- hand soap
- shampoo
- shower gel
- toothbrush & toothpaste
- razor
- lip balm
- hairbrush & hair-ties & bobby pins
- tissues
- sunscreen (!)
- lady stuff (tampons etc... you never know)
- condoms (again, you never know)
- hand sanitizer
- plasters and/or First Aid kit
- charcoal tablets, headache pills if necessary

- earplugs
- torch
- 2 towels (1 for body, 1 for other things e.g. dishes or as a pillow)
- blanket
- foldable camping chair
- garbage bag
- music player (mp3 player or iPod) & portable speakers - music festivals are just as much about sitting around your campsite with friends as they are about seeing live music, and a portable music player is a must for optimal campsite chill time
- portable charger (power bank)
- pocket knife
- lighter (also serves as a beer bottle opener)
- camping stove
- mess kit
- cutlery (both plastic and metal - plastic ones will melt when used in a hot pot)
- food (oats, rice, pasta, trail mix, fruit bars, dried fruit, apples, bananas, canned soup, tins with preserved beans, etc.)
- tea bags
- water canister
- an old, crappy phone (not your brand new iPhone) to stay in contact with your people
- dish soap
- a bottle of bursting bubbles (just because... it's fun)
- temporary flash tattoos (also: fun!)

If you are me, you will also pack a watermelon, cut it open and stuff your face with it while every one else has a major hangover, haha!

Did I forget anything?

I don't know what kind of festivals you go to, but from my experience festivals are usually very messy and dirty, and even our peaceful, relaxed Reggae Jam was hit by a thunderstorm on the third day and ended up being overflowing with mud, so the only shoes you can really wear are flip-flops, rain boots, or doc martens. Anything else would get ruined after an hour.

And as for clothes, I would definitely avoid fancy things like maxi dresses or, as this would be incredibly inconvenient when you're in the crowd. I always go simple and comfy, meaning a casual dress or shorts paired with loose tops, and i never wear anything that would make me upset if it got ruined. And make-up? I never wear any make-up beside mascara anyway, but i even drop that on a festival. Who cares. Panda eyes for the win!

I mean, it's a festival, you don't need to look stunning as pretty much everyone is walking around in ripped shorts, a tee and rain boots. No one really cares, we're all there for the music and good hangs with friends anyway.

Happy camping!


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