Travel Diary | Prague

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Prague, Prague, beautiful Prague.

Please do excuse the amount of pictures, but Prague is just such a gorgeous city - the architecture is stunning! It actually reminded me a bit of the German city Dresden, and also a tiny bit of London, probably due to the majestic buildings.

Prague or Praha is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is famous for its pristine architecture, from Romanesque, to Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau, Cubist, Neo-Classical and ultra-modern. Being proper tourists, we visited its most sights such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the Gothic Powder Gate tower, Wenceslas Square, Malá Strana, the Old New Synagogue, the Spanish Synagogue, the Franz Kafka monument and of course the Astronomical Clock on Old Town City Hall.

Of course, our travel companions (wolf in sheep's clothing and kangaroo "Hopsie") who you know from my Travel Doary: Rügen Island as well as my Day Zero Project: update 15 (Nr. 65) and my Travel Diary: London, were in on it too :)

Enjoy the view!

Day 1

A bunch of streets artists

A weird giant head statue in the middle of the city, that we stumbled upon whilst randomly strolling through the streets. It's made of metal, and whenever it turns and moves, it rebuilds and reshapes itself. So cool! Who the heck is that though? There was no sign on it...

Hard Rock Café

Not the best image quality (iPhone 4S), but this is where we ended up for a shared dinner all together (my boyfriend, his cousin, his sister and her boyfriend, and me). 

Since it was Whitsun, we decided to dine out in a fancy-schmancy Lebanese restaurant at the lower part of Wenceslas Square with falafel, spicy hummus, stuffed vine leaves, lotsa veggies and other stuff that I don't know the name of :)) i think the other stuff are tabbouleh fatayer and moutabbal eggplant. - in any case, really delicious!

Day 2

The cool thing about Prague is that you can get around in the city without ever getting on a bus or tram. Everything lies within walking distance. Just make sure to get a map, or just follow the river Vltava which means "wild water" :)

The Central Station of Prague, Praha hlavní nádraží.

This is a synagogue that we stumbled upon as we tried to find our way back from the main station (apparently the Jubilee Synagogue, says google). Gorgeous, isn't it?

Kavárna Slavia. An Art déco style café with amazing interior decoration, very pretty (and quite pricey), just before the bridge "most Legií". (the cool black white picture was taken by my friend Gianna over on instagram!)

The Vltava.

Day 3

Fresh fruits! "Malina" means raspberry in Czech and Russian by the way, cute right?

And lots and lots of Matryoshkas.

In the picture to the right you can see the Franz Kafka monument next to the Spanish Synagogue (the white building). 
Can you spot our little travel companions? :)

Left: the Old New Synagogue, Europe's oldest active synagogue. Jewish legend has it, Rabbi Loew's Golem is still lying somwhere in the attic.
Right: Kavárna Slavia and an old tram, picture taken by my friend Gianna.

Charles Bridge and swans.

Me being silly :D

On Charles Bridge. Loads of artists have their stalls here.

On our way to/through Prague Castle. It's listed as the largest ancient castle complex in the world!

Basilica of St. George


The front view of the St. Vitus Cathedral with its rose window.

East end of the cathedral.

And view from south: the main tower and the Golden Gate.

This is Trdelník. A traditional sweet pastry you can buy at almost every corner of the city!


Day 4

This is Charles Bridge at night. Or rather Charles Bridge at blue hour, just before dawn.
We got up at 4 a.m. and walk there, so it must be around 4.30 or so in this picture - yaaawn!

Too late! We had just set up our camera, ready to take a romantic "bridge at night with street lights" photo, but one second before we could release the shutter, all the lights went out. Argh!

And it's dawning.

Prague at night / dawn is quite nice. No tourists around - except for us, a few photographers, very few joggers, suppliers for restaurants and hotels, and some drunk people on their way home from partying. Oh and lots of pigeons!

Last but not least: the Astronomical Clock. And once again the central station of Prague.

Bye bye, beautiful Prague.  

As you read this beautifulness, i'm actually still on a mini vacation in The Eifel, a thickly forested low mountain range in western Germany (a "classtrip" with my friends from uni), haha! Always on the move... 

Our next destination will be Vienna later this summer! Where i will meet up with two of my best friends :)

Till then, take care ~


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