May Essentials /15

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This month's basics and new discoveries are a wild mix of fashion, food and fun (at least for me, haha!). But let's take one at a time. First, fashion.

Back to Black 

This is not so much a new discovery than a rediscovery. 

I love these boots! And i love to wear black, even though it makes my skin seem really pale, but black is so handy! It's timeless, slimming, fits every occasion and every colour. I love it :) 

I don't want to look like one big old craw, so instead of pairing my black dress, my black boots and my black cardigan/blouse with opaque black tights, i'm going for sheer tights with little black dots. Way cuter and more relaxed than serious black! (Sirius Black anyone? wasn't even intentional, haha!)


Secondly, food. (nope i can't seem to have any month essentials without including food - because food is definitely essential! lol)

I'm the biggest peanut butter fan, especially when it comes to PB&J nicecream. Peanut butter + strawberry "jelly" = tummy heaven. However, eating spoonfuls of peanut butter might now be exactly flattering on my waistline. My most recent purchase -hopefully- solves this problem: PB2. That's basically peanut butter in pulverized form. So what you do is mix 2 tbsp of PB2 with 1 tbsp of water and stir until smooth. The peanuts used in this are "first slow roasted then pressed to remove 85% of the fat and oil." So that way you supposedly take in 85% less fat calories than traditional peanut butter. 

The outcome is surprisingly good!! Actually, way better than i expected - and even better than the organic, salt-free and oil-free peanut butter (the only ingredient is roasted peanuts!) that i usually buy. The reason why PB2 is tastier, at least to me, is that is tastes more salty and intense than the organic store-bought peanut butter. Health-wise and quality-wise, both are definitely head and shoulders better than the conventional peanut butter (usually containing sugar, salt and palm butter) from your common supermarket. However, i think i overall prefer PB2 now that i've tried it because it is lower in fat and tastes saltier - even though the only ingredient is roasted peanuts as well!
You might be able to get PB2 in stores too, but i bought it here on amazon.


Hey there. I found some sunglasses, that aren't mine but look pretty good on me, don't ya think? ;) Also, wearing sunglasses makes you feel like summer, doesn't it?

Writing Contest

Last but not least... one of my short stories got published! 
If you've read my September Essentials /14 or my post on How to be a Better Writer, you know that i have studied Creative Writing & Cultural Journalism and am a "practising" writer of fiction, both short stories and novels (preferably novels).

So anyway - in January i sent a short story titled "Father" to the largest and most prestigious German-language literature competition (because i do mainly write in German since it is my mother language). Out of a total of 1,777 submissions, 25 texts were chosen to be published in this year's anthology of the "best stories from the MDR literature contest" - and my story was one of them!! So exciting!

Even though i didn't win one of the 3 literary prizes, i feel very honoured to be chosen for the publication! The cover looks a bit odd (and ugly), but the previous covers weren't any better really, and i got published in Germany's most prestigious literature competition anthology, so who cares?! 

*throws glitter in the air*

For my German readers: Auf Amazon gibt's die MDR Anthologie mit meiner Kurzgeschichte ("Vater") zu kaufen, und zwar hier

Thanks a bunch to Sarah and Stella over on Purfylle for featuring me on their blog yet again! :)


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